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Friday, March 20, 2015

Networking & Connecting at BEA

Networking & Connecting at BEA

I had a post a few weeks back referencing all the options that were available for people to connect and network at BEA.  We have now aggregated all the various opportunities, some new, some tested and true - but what is key, all are listed in place so you can find what will help you and your business best take advantage of every opportunity at BEA:

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

International Headlines at BEA

BEA announced today that the  8TH ANNUAL BEST TRANSLATED BOOK AWARD will be held for the first time at BEA.  We are thrilled to be able to present this award at the largest event for trade publishing in North America because it goes hand in hand with some of the exciting developments at BEA the last few years that better serves participating  international publishers.  

Coming in the wake of the 2014 Global Market Forum program that featured Books in Translation, BEA launched the new Translation Marketplace (TM).  In 2015 the TM returns to BEA, now located in a much more prominent location on the show floor.  BEA will also have the first ever Books in Translation Buzz Panel.  Of course, there will be several blog posts coming to share the wonderfully ambitious details about this year's Global Market Forum program on China, as the featured country of honor.  You will get detailed info on the professional programs, market insights, networking opportunities, delegations of authors, 120 publishers and their executives all participating in BEA this year from China. This all falls into line with the increased international participation BEA has received the last several years from both exhibitors and attendees.  

Please check the links below for details on BEA's International participation and the super low cost exhibit option in the Translation Market.


Link to the Translation Market Exhibit Option 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Curated Connectivity - Say that three times fast

The first question people are probably asking is: What the heck is 'curated connectivity??   In looking at what is most valuable to BEA exhibitors and attendees, 'connectivity' comes up as a top priority and drives everyone's ROI for participating in BEA.  There are a host of elements that make up the connectivity bucket that includes: networking, sales leads, meeting key accounts, discovering new vendors, getting insights from editors, reps, getting a new distribution partner, etc... the list is endless, but it is all the same: connecting people who can help each other's business interests.  

The mission behind more curated connectivity, which is one of BEA's top initiatives for 2015 is creating more opportunities to connect AND to aggregate the opportunities so people can plan in advance, know what is available for their needs and be able to opt in. 

I am sure this sounds good, it is like politician being pro-education - has anyone ever run on an anti-education platform?   The key for this being a success will be executing the details in the coming weeks.  You will see things pushed out from BEA that reference Curated Connectivity - please check them out.  We are working on events for most every segment we serve in the industry, some have been around for years, some are expanded, some are brand new.  Listed below is what is planned - note, not everything is 100%, but gives you an idea of what will be available.

  • IDPF Digital Zone Happy Hour - Prime networking for digital players on the show floor
  • ABC/CBC Children's Author Speed Dating - Lively lunch, 1 on 1 with 12 children's book authors with new titles coming out
  • ABA Publisher One on Ones - Booksellers meet with Senior Publishing Execs
  • BEA Blogger Con Happy Hour - Network with working, passionate book bloggers
  • BEA Global Market Forum - there will be multiple match-making events to match up Chinese publishing Execs with their peers from around the world by genre - expect Children's publishing, STM and General trade Sessions
  • ABA - Event Planners & Publicity Speed Dating - this is still on the drawing board BUT everyone loves this idea
  • VIP Tours - Guided tours of the BEA Show floor to specific areas like Children's, Indie pubs, digital, etc... Attendees AND exhibitors love these and we will expand the #
  • Librarians - there is the AAP Shout & Share & Librarian Buzz events with several new networking events to be announced
  • Book Club Speed Dating - this has been a regular favorite for a number of years - putting book club leaders with editors and authors