Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Big Tent at BEA gets bigger

I am thrilled to announce that the newly launched Book Blogger Convention will be bringing their event to run along side BEA, taking place on Friday May 28th.  They will keep the original schedule and now are able to accommodate a larger group as it was anticipated they would max out their original capacity of 150.   BEA welcomes lit bloggers with open arms and the growing role they play in promoting books and new titles.  Their organizers have been enthusiastic and wonderful to work with in making this possible, bettering both events for everyone involved.

I will be on the West Coast next week with stops in Seattle, San Francisco and finishing at the ABA Winter Institute in San Jose.  I expect to have news to share with the ABA in San Jose, making an announcement about an author appearance for BEA - I will post that news soon after here.

Enjoy your weekend - the door bell just rang with dinner from our favorite local Chinese restaurant!!!

Book Blogger Convention


  1. We're very excited to be working with your team Steve. Only great things ahead :)

  2. Michelle: I could not agree more- it is a great situation where everyone wins with absolutely no downside