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What do people think of BEA? I have actual answers from BEA attendees.

Reed Exhibitions conducts a needs assesment survey for most of our trade shows out to the industries they serve, providing metrics for the validity of events like BEA from the people who are attending.  I get a kick out of the open ended statements people provide.  Other Reed events might get 1-2 pages of comments, but book people LOVE to write - 13 pages of comments from this survey.  In previous years I have seen comments range from recommending termination of a specific BEA staff member to comments on the brand of hot dog sold at Javits.  

I have pasted of a few of the meaningful stats and then about half of the open ended comments.  I promise - I did not edit a word.  When you see how favorable people view BEA, it makes sense that they have a lot of good things to say.  If you exhibit at BEA - this is good information from attendees saying what they value at BEA.

The features rated highest as extremely/ very valuable to BookExpo America 2010 are: ‘Exhibits’ (86%), ‘New Title Showcase’ (68%) and ‘Conference’ (64%).
  • The features rated highest by ‘previous attendees’ as extremely/ very valuable to BookExpo America 2010 are: ‘Exhibits’ (87%), ‘New Title Showcase’ (64%) and ‘Conference’ (62%).
  • The features rated highest by ‘first time attendees’ as extremely/ very valuable to BookExpo America 2010 are: ‘Exhibits’ (86%), ‘New Title Showcase’ (86%), ‘Librarian Friendly Areas’ (75%) and ‘Conference’ (75%).
  • The features rated highest by ‘first time attendees’ as extremely/ very valuable to BookExpo America 2010 are: ‘Exhibits’ (86%), ‘New Title Showcase’ (86%), ‘Librarian Friendly Areas’ (75%) and ‘Conference’ (75%).
  • The features rated highest by ‘Bookstore/ Bookseller’ as extremely/ very valuable to BookExpo America 2010 are: ‘Exhibits’ (83%) and ‘ABA Events’ (61%).
Below are the open ended comments to this question:  “On a scale of 0 to 10, how strong is your need to be at BookExpo America (BEA)?”

A fellow teacher friend attended last year and shared how wonderful the expo was. The opportunity to get books to use in our classroom and meet authors is an anticipated reason to NOT miss it!!

As a bookseller knowing the new books that are coming only can help customer sales

as a collection development manager, my function is similar to a "buyer" in the retail or manufacturing environment

As mentioned before, I mainly need to keep in touch with vendors, discuss marketing/action plans and negotiate sales expectations against terms and conditions.

Based in Seattle, publishing a magazine on many topics beyond books, this is an essential way for me to remain on top of what is happening in the book business.

BEA is one of the best, most efficient ways to find out what are the new titles and trends in the book industry, especially for children

BEA is the place to be for anyone in publishing. It's a must-attend event.

Being in this industry it is imperative to attend this major industry event - for the livlihood of my business.

Being on the Lariat List (new adult fiction list from TLA) committee forces me to read as many books as I can as far in advance as possible. BEA gives me the opportunity and resources to do this job.

Best place to see trends.

Consider it the necessary event of the year.

Considering we are a distributor from South America is not very often we have the time to sit and discuss business with our main suppliers. The Book Fairs are extremely important for that matter and also to be tuned in into the market we work.

Easiest way to experience all the new titles and meet all the authors.

Great forum to see new releases, "'what's new" in the industry, ie. e-reader, and meet and greet other professionals.

I am an agent who is still learning about the industry and it allows me to understand the scale of companies and their status in the business, as well as to meet the individuals I work with on the phone and internet.

I have been a BookExpo attendee for close to 2 decades and it is one of the best, most valuable conference available!

I have very much enjoyed the BEA over the last 3 years. I look forward to it every year. I get excited when there are authors I love to read and to see what's new in children's books. The kids at my school love it when I show them a book signed by the author especially to them.

I look forward to going every year, the event allows me the possibility to meet authors I would never have heard of and to keep i touch with ones I have met previously. Also, the event allows me to network and meet people with in the industry and speak with them about why they're there.

I love going to BEA, it's basically my vacation this year, and I can't wait! It's the best way to see new titles that I will be selling in the store early.

I'm new in this industry and the Fair is a good opportunity to get in touch with all its world. Is the oppty to improve relationship with publishers, learn more about the authors, latest titles. etc.

Important to learn publishers' current subject areas.


As a librarian, the ability to speak with authors, see the new books that are coming out and mingle with others is not a need but something that I love doing and look forward to attending conferences such as BookExpo.

BEA gives me the opportunity to reconnect with my contacts. As I'm not with a large production studio, the ARCs and catalogues are imperative to my visit as talent agencies sometimes do not heed my requests. BEA gives me access to the books products and the people I need to connect with.

Best place to meet with publishers and to guage industry issues and trends

Book Expo used to be a great experience, a great place to meet with our reps, see new books, find out about books that might otherwise have fallen thru the cracks. But as of last BEA, publishers didn't bring any galleys to speak of, major publishers were pulling out of the show and the energy level was low. I hope this year improves on all that or it will be our last BEA I'm afraid as it will be difficult to justify the cost.

For me, it is both a personal and professional event. I reconnect with long time BEA friends at the Librarian lounge while learning about the latest technologies, titles, etc.. that I can share with my library system.

generates excitement about our industry

Good to have face time with main vendors and investigate new vendors, but not absolutely necessary to go every year.

I attend BEA so that I can find out what books are available. See if there are things that I feel my customers would be interested in knowing about. I attend to see if there are any trends in what's being published and book design and pricing.

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