Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nothing is more pointless than getting angry at a volcano.

I have to admit stealing the title from a Tweet I read.  It has been far more interesting and informative following the Iceland volcano on Facebook and Twitter.  Obvious or not - I will not being at the London Book Fair this week.   The bonus was personal in that my wife has to travel for work this week as well and the gymnastics of trying to run our personal lives sandwiched around a total of 3 business trips (I am off to Buenos Aires on 4/26) was a mild nightmare.  The people in London will adapt and have a productive fair regardless.  I also expect that people who are were shut out like myself will adapt as well.   I already have 3 meetings in NYC for this Tuesday with other erstwhile LBF goers.

Check the Tweets at #LBF10 or Volcano.  Here are some highlights just tweeted:

  • According to legend, the only way to appease the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland is to sacrifice Justin Bieber.
  • Back home... No train available until Tuesday at least and airports still closed... FML I'm not going to London :(((((((( F&#K YOU VOLCANO
  • RT @BOOKSA: Just got the news that @WitsPressauthor Pumla Dineo Gqola has made it to #lbf10 Brilliant!
  • Getting to be new best friends with the few other Americans who made it over here. Tonight: tapas
I am now off to a little league pitching clinic I would have otherwise all is not lost!

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  1. Here's my favorite tweet that a friend found on the BBC: "Honestly. If you can't look after your volcano, you shouldn't be allowed to keep one."