Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Dear Mr., Ms. or Mrs. BEA Exhibitor:  

I want to share one critical fact with you:  BEA attendees want to see and learn about your new titles.  It comes up overwhelmingly in our research time and time again that the primary reason and value that BEA's attendees get out of BEA is seeing new titles and meeting with authors.  BEA performs a Needs Assessment Survey about 10-11 weeks prior to BEA to  insure we are are on the right course for what attendees 'need' from BEA.  As things pop, like: "What current issues/challenges you would like to solve by attending BEA?"    An example is: 31% are looking to BEA for How to use social media to drive more business.  We will know make sure we promote those sessions more heavily and make sure sessions are tracked together so people can have this need fulfilled from BEA.

Back to my original point - which is sometimes is lost for exhibitors, BEA attendees are there to discover new titles, unique titles, titles their customers can't find anywhere else.  One of the great fortunes with BEA is the wonderful and passionate audience that comes with it.  It is extremely rewarding to know how much they love BEA and more importantly how valuable BEA is for them and their businesses.  That is our mission for our exhibitors as we know the cost of exhibiting is always challenge for any trade show.  I hope this helps you plan on how you prepare for BEA and more importantly what you get out of BEA.


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