Thursday, October 20, 2011


From a BEA Press Release that just went out this morning:
Over 40 Russian Authors and Translators to Travel to New York City;
An Institute and Awards for Translation to be Part of Ambitious New Program

Norwalk, CT, October 20, 2011: Russia will be the country of focus and attention at BEA’s Global Market Forum 2012, June 5 – 7 and BEA will figure prominently into Read Russia 2012, the largest Russian initiative ever to promote Russian literature and Russian book culture in the United States. The Read Russia 2012 program, sponsored by the Russian Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communication and Media under the direction of Vladimir Grigoriev, will feature translation grants for the publication of contemporary and classical Russian literature in English, author tours for leading Russian writers and their publishers, a major exhibition on children’s book art, and a traveling film series and a new documentary television project about Russian literature. Over 40 Russian authors and translators are expected to travel to New York for various activities associated with Read Russia 2012 and BEA’s Global Market Forum.

The creation of a Russian institute of translation as well as awards to popularize and foster translations for both Russian contemporary and classic prose and poetry will be among the highlights of the cultural and professional programming for the Global Market Forum 2012 which will take place in New York during BEA, June 5 – 7 at the Javits Center. Negotiations are underway with several major cultural institutions in New York for ancillary events directly tied to the Global Market Forum and Read Russia 2012. As noted by Vladimir Grigoriev at a recent press conference at the Frankfurt Book Fair, the principle focus of BEA’s Global Market Forum will be to broaden the presence of Russian literature in America. Grigoriev noted that while in the past Russian literature has had a prominent role internationally, “today very few Russian writers find the reading audience they deserve, which is what we want to start changing through our efforts at and around BookExpo America in 2012.” Peter B. Kaufman, President and Executive Producer of Intelligent Television and Program Director for Read Russia 2012 in the United States, added, “We have a great opportunity to use all kinds of media – online, TV, radio, film – to bring Russian literature to new audiences stateside.”

While making this announcement, Vladimir Grigoriev was accompanied by Mikhail Shishkin, one of the most gifted new Russian authors, who has recently been awarded the prestigious Haus der Kulturen der Welt international award, for the best of the younger generation. Shishkin added how excited he was at the prospect of being part of the upcoming program at BEA. Steven Rosato, Show Manager for BEA, notes: “The Global Market Forum and Read Russia 2012 are combining this year to make a major presentation at BEA. This is the most ambitious undertaking that we have had so far from any of our international guest countries. We look forward to substantially increasing awareness for Russian authors and literature not just at BEA but through various cultural programs that will reach the public during the week of BEA.”

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