Monday, November 14, 2011

Back at my desk with random thoughts.

It has been a busy, busy fall season going to the Moscow Book Fair, Frankfurt, a trip to Beijing and then hitting BlogWorld and New Media Expo in Los Angeles having been on the road for 28 of the last 70 days.  This is my excuse why I have not been posting regularly.  I also managed to figure out why my posts where not getting posted from my Blackberry - they needed to be sent as SMS messages.  I used to be able to send a regular e-mail from my old Blackberry.  I am sure it is my lack of technical expertise - plus having a new phone is why none of my road posts made here. 

Sharing some random thoughts BEA related and otherwise:
  • I was just noticing Amazon's foray into Groupon territory with Amazon Local - nothing for Connecticut (which is local for moi).  I guess it was just a matter of time.  Interesting....
  • While at BlogWorld last week, there were loads of awesome panels - the one I took the most interest in was Guy Kawasaki and Chris Brogan talking about Google+.  I wished it was a bit more of a 'how to' - but the bottom line is they LOVE Google+, saying it is now what Twitter was 4 yrs ago.  Guy used a better analogy: Google+ is to Facebook as Apple is to Microsoft (talking operating systems).  They also said Facebook is for the people you already know and Google+ is for who you want to know.
  • I mentioned my new phone - the Blackberry Torch - it is called a Torch because you want to set on fire - it sucks.  The screen is glitchy and super sensitive, it gets 'stuck' thinking constantly and the 4G is slow as can be because of the operating system - my wife runs circles around me on her iPhone.
  •  BEA is plugging away at increasing the New York Book and Media Week scope and number of events - this includes looking at a Business to Consumer element at BEA - B2C as we like to say.  Nothing is likely to happen for 2012 - but once we have all the author submissions we are looking to see if we can program something at Javits that opens the event (and not the show floor) to consumers.
  • BlogWorld in LA was an awesome event - it is such a perfect fit to have co-located at BEA, we expect that it will double in size for NYC compared to 2011.
  • It is another busy week as we go head on into the Holiday Season, but I will be forcing myself to post, as long as I can share info that is useful.  Is it me or is the creeping window of the Holidays pushing the envelope?  I was in Washington, DC with the family this weekend and heard Xmas music all over the place.

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