Tuesday, September 25, 2012

BEA Bloggers Conference News

I am jumping the gun a little as we are still waiting on a couple of confirmations from a few book bloggers that have been invited to be on the BEA Book Bloggers Advisory Committee.  However, I had promised we would announce by mid-September so I thought it would be better to announce the bulk of those that committed than wait too long.  I am also pleased to announce that Maggie Donovan, who had been the conference coordinator on BEA and another Reed event (Global Gaming Expo or G2E) was promoted to Conference Manager.  Makenzie Lynch joined the BEA team filling Maggie's previous role as the Conference Coordinator.  There are a lot of helping hands at BEA, but I am particularly happy as Maggie worked a lot on the BEA Bloggers Conference (BBC) last year.  Maggie got to meet and talk with many bloggers this past June and genuinely understands the interests of the blogging community at BEA.    

Below are the book bloggers that have accepted our invitation to participate on the BBC Conference Advisory Board.  Their primary responsibility will be to develop the conference program that we produce for the 2013 event as well as to advise BEA on issues related to the BBC with a perspective that advocates for book bloggers and their needs. The expectation is they will know the most important issues to present at the BBC and the best people in the community and publishing industry that can represent a given topic or program.  

Our G2E event is in 2 weeks, so Maggie and Makenzie are swamped until then, after that it is full steam ahead for BEA and the BBC.  You can send  conference  suggestions to Maggie at mdonovan@reedexpo.com.   Starting in November, there be a 'call for papers' to solicit conference submissions on the BBC page on the BEA site as well as a list of the complete advisory committee after we can confirm everyone's participation. 

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