Monday, March 11, 2013

Navigating SXSW

You would think it would be easier given that the name of the event is a direction in and of itself, but alas as a newbie here, I am mildly overwhelmed trying to navigate this place.  There are hundreds of sessions in venues near and far from the convention center.  The variety of panels run the gambit from the Future of Computing to 100 Year Starship: Interstellar Travel and Beyond.  The most interesting thing is seeing how much consumer products are woven into the "experience" with Oreo and American Airlines sponsoring interactive exhibits.  Having the exhibits open at 11:00 is a twist on the normal trade show grind.  I hope to find some more interesting info to share later or tomorrow, meanwhile it is time to head back into the fray.....


  1. Steve, are the Oreo exhibitors giving away samples of their "egg yolk gold"-"baby bird mouth yellow" frosting filled "Spring" cookies?

    1. They were not, although they sound awfully good! It was an 'interactive' display where you could be seen in various sights around Austin and if you posted them thru your Facebook or Twitter accounts, you could win a trip of somekind.