Monday, June 3, 2013

BEA Post Show Numbers

There are a lot of people, particularly in the press looking for the results from just concluded BEA. Please note these are RAW NUMBERS, meaning they are subject to change based on the verification process which takes 3-4 weeks.
BEA is audited by a 3rd party to verify our results because all strategic planning is based on these final figures. The results from the 3rd party audit in 2012 showed that BEA was up by more than 11% vs. the 5% we had first reported.
NOTE we have removed the BlogWorld cross over attendee stats which had been included the last 2 years so we can give an apples to apples number on BEAs figures.
  • Total Industry Professionals 2013 = 19,615 = -.004%
  • Total Industry Professionals 2012 = 19,694
  • Total Attendance 2013 = 11,101 - +7%
  • Total Attendance 2012 = 10,417
All in all, the reviews have been fantastic. The Author Stages and other author events were a giant success.  In particular, the Neil Gaiman, Jim Gaffigan & the Wally Lamb/Elizabeth Gilbert appearances were terrific highlights. The improved logistics for lines in Autographing and bringing the ABA Lounge to the BEA show floor all proved to make BEA easier and more productive. Even the WiFi and air conditioning performed fantastically!!

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  1. It would be great to get the blogger numbers as well.