Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Four Fascinating BEA FACTS

Below is a BEA ad destined for use in a number of spots.   We incorporated infographics to call out the main points in our messaging.   I also feel these issues are news that people are genuinely not aware of when they think of BEA.  Sorry for anyone on a mobile viewing this, probably not the optimal way to view this post.  
  1. BEA delivers a fresh audience annually, over 50% of our attendees are new to BEA, with nearly 2,000 librarians, 1,500 buyers from specialty retailers, 1,000+ ABA booksellers and MORE. LIST OF VIP COMPANIES ATTENDING BEA
  2. There are many low priced options for any companies interested in exhibiting from as low as under $2,000.00 BEA Exhibitor Info Page 
  3. BEA is the largest trade event for publishing in North America - nearly 25k trade professionals, 1,500 members of the media, PLUS world class programming informing, educating and shaping the industry.
  4. NYC can  be less expensive that people imagine.  Our option for rooms at Barnard are now open at $115/night Link to Barnard Rooms !  There are 11 hotels less than $249/night Complete BEA Hotel List  We also have a 7% discount with Delta and a 5% Discount with American - just scroll to the bottom of the travel page. 

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