Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More new on BEA

I am looking forward to participating in my first ever Twitchat on Friday February 19th at 4:00 pm (#FollowReader Twitter conversation topic is "Reader Cons" ).  I will be weighing in on my perspective on the pros and cons of having the public at BEA.  For the record, before anyone calls - BEA remains a trade only event.  The tired, poor, hungry huddled masses shall not be decending upon Javits.  That being said (license to contradict myself according to 30 Rock) as I look forward, BEA needs to find a meaningful way to engage readers.   SPOILER ALERT:  Our efforts around New York Book Week will hopefully go a long way toward making that happen.  One of my next few posts will have details that I can share about New York Book Week.

Brien McDonald is the newest thing to land on BEA. We welcome Brien as the National Accounts Manager who will be working with a lot of the major publishers to make sure they are not only engaged in BEA, but that BEA is serving their needs as an event. Brien comes to BEA with a strong background in publishing having worked with Greenwood and most recently ABC CLIO.


  1. Good for you opening it up to the public and promoting literacy. I will see you there.

  2. "For the record, before anyone calls - BEA remains a trade only event."

    That means 'no public'.