Friday, February 26, 2010

Snowicane strikes BEA (or a chance to work from home) Librarian News Today

While I have not ventured out to tackle my driveway yet - I have been able to keep plenty busy with BEA business, getting excited reviewing the press release for next week on BEA's Author Breakfast & Lunch line ups.  It is a great group!!!

Okay enough teases - one announcement I can share full details on is that Library Journal and School Library Journal will bring the Day of Dialogue to Javits on Tuesday May 25th.   LJ and SLJ have long recognized that librarians can not only benefit from what happens at BEA, but they are a constituency that belongs at BEA.  Francine Fialkoff, Editor-in-Chief for Library Journal was a great help to me when I started in earnest to bring more librarians to BEA, understanding the value of BEA for librarians as well as educating publishers to expect librarians would be attending BEA looking for what will be the big fall/spring titles, getting to talk with directly reps and making connections with publicity staff to coordinate author events.  As recently as 5-6 years ago BEA might get 400 librarians.  We now regularly get 2,500 and expect over 3,000 librarians for BEA 2010.  Having the great program that LJ & SLJ puts together for the Day of Dialogue (DoD) will also allow those librarians to take advantage of the BEA Buzz Panels and Opening Night on the same day.  There was always a number of librarians that would attend DoD but could not also attend BEA.  This will allow them to get the best of both worlds.  LJ & SLJ will soon post their registration links for DoD and we will have a link on the Librarian page from the BEA website.  To get info before that, e-mail:

One other fun librarian tidbit -  the BEA contest held at ALA Midwinter has a winner:  Theresa Webster, YA Librarian from Los Angeles Public Library.   Theresa will get her hotel at BEA, free admission to BEA, tickets to the BEA Author Breakfasts & Lunches and get to hang out in the Green Room before those events.  She will also get her own blog that will be posted on the BEA Librarian Page sharing what she is excited about before, during and after BEA - all from a librarian's wonderful perspective, first hand.

A couple of photos at what it looks like to work from the Rosato house today.  Josh & Luke in PJ's playing games and below is the view from my basement 'office' window.

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