Thursday, May 27, 2010

BEA Restores 3 Day Format for 2011

I have to admit that I could not have hoped, planned or imagined for a better event this week than what has unfolded for BEA 2010.   The focus on quality over quantity delivered one fantastic event after another.  I ran up to our show office to peck out this post after Jon Stewart's wonderful opening of the Adult Author Breakfast - I had a hard time pulling my self away from Condoleezza Rice's inspiring talk on her book that is about her upbringing and her parents.  I am typing fast so I can get back to hear Mary Roach and John Grisham speak.

BEA this year was about change and making a good event great that served the publishing industry in a meaningful way.  Moving to mid-week was absolutely the right decision.  We also felt strongly that the 2 day format was the right thing to do because the value of BEA is in the audience we deliver.  We executed a strong plan that we knew would deliver that audience for BEA 2010 and that the quality would prove that was the right choice as well.  A lot of people genuinely like the 2 day format and it did work for them.  However - I have to acknowledge while people liked the 2 day format - a lot of people genuinely need 3 days to meet their objectives at BEA.  While our mantra has been quality of quantity - there is a reality of what people can  accomplish in 2 full days.  We will always do what will make BEA the best event possible for the people we serve. 

In the end while many people liked BEA as a 2 day show - more people need BEA to be a 3 day show.  We will remain mid week with the show days being Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday.  My plan right now is to keep the conference program on Monday because the impact of the conference this year running on Tuesday without competing with the show floor was tremendous.  There were great sessions that had overflowing audiences.  I look forward to getting the CEO Panel that was the Plenary session with the ABA and the Editor's Buzz Panel video posted later today. 

P.S.  Lance - you were missed and talked about often.


  1. I take full and complete blame for thr 2 day format. My original plan was to do the entire show as a conference call. Steve corrected me of that. Congrats guys. The coverage has been solid.

  2. Are the dates for 2011 out yet? And, as a newbie I must ask, is it always in New York?

  3. As much as Two days was a lot of work I truly need the three days to get to all the people and events I want to accomplish. I just couldn't walk fast enough. So I'm delighted with the return of three days and a conference day besides. One suggestion - try not to schedule topics that target the same audience at the same time. I hate missing anything!

    When will call for papers begin?

  4. I am happy to learn that BEA will go back to the 3 day format. Yea! Having just 2 days really pushed it too much; I was unable to accomplish all that I needed/wanted to.

    Thanks to Dave Holton for all of his hard work on the autographing area. I know that it is a thankless task! I would like to suggest that consideration be given to widening the autographing area. It was far too congested this year. You could not tell what line(s) people were in, they were overflowing into the booths and other lines. For those authors that require tickets, the number of tickets distributed should be limited to allow the authors to finish in the time that they have been allocated. One example that comes to mind is Tim Gunn.