Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 1 at Javits

As the sound of forklifts fill the air here at Javits, I am eager for what I am confident will be a resoundingly successful BEA.  I recognize I am not the one who gets to be the judge of BEA's success - that will be for BEA's exhibitors and attendees who have invested their time and resources who make that evaluation. 

My expectation is that BEA's focus on quality over quantity, content over consumption and relevance over redundancy will have exhibitors and attendees sharing my enthusiasm for the transformation of BEA to match that of the industry BEA serves.

On my new quote - no apologies for the homage to Lost.  As far the finale goes I have to sit with it for few days before I get a better sense of my thoughts.  I know with the Sopranos - the more I thought about that ending the more brilliant I realized it was from my knee jerk reaction of - HUH???  The quote from Lost - I thought it was perfect for this week.

If I don't personally get to say Hi or Thank You for participating in BEA this week - please know I am grateful and humbled by the chance to lead this event.  There are so many wonderful and brilliant people in this inudustry (you know who you are) - it is a priviledge that I don't take lightly.  Also - to the wonderful team that makes BEA happen - with a smile - THANK YOU ALL.

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  1. I'm excited to be there today. Haven't been to BEA in a few years. Now that it's during the week, I can make it!