Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Means Moscow

I am waiting to board my flight to Moscow, in route to the Moscow International Book Fair. I will be joining a delegation that has been put together by the Dept. of Press and Mass Communications, over seen by Deputy Director Vladimir Grigoriev and also notably by Peter Kaufman and Svetlana Svetlana Adjoubiei of Academia Rossica. The well rounded
Delegation Includes ABA VP Steve Bercu from Bookpeople, Peter Mayer from Overlook Press, George Slowick, President of PW among many of the notable guests that are being hosted from the US. There is an ambitious program that it being presented at Moscow International Book Fair that is the first stage in planning leading up to BEA's Global Market Forum program in 2012 that will proudly feature Russia in our most ambitious program yet. I will look forward to posting details from events, sharing what I hear from Russian publishers and booksellers. I am as excited for what I will learn on this trip as I am for the plans that will start to form for BEA 2012.

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