Thursday, September 29, 2011

Your Backlist is Soft Currency

This is brief post, but this something I thought was interesting and something that I had not considered.  For full disclosure I learned this through a conversation with Steve Potash from Overdrive.  He had shared with me that he is doing business with companies that were never on his radar before because of the proliferation of reading devices.  Premium companies were approaching him to deliver mass quanities of e-books as promotional items.  It is a simple concept - find a related product like a cook book, buy a set of cookware and then you get a code to download your 'free' e-book.  There are back list business books, childrens, sports - all sorts of niche titles waiting to be turned into cash.  Simply find the right partner that is looking to drive sales by 'giving away' an e-book as a purchase incentive. 

My take away from this conversation - get premium companies who are looking for incentive products to BEA.  I welcome any thoughts or comments on how we can  highlight this at BEA this year.

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