Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Clearing up the BEA Bloggers Conference Issues (I hope)

Dear BEA Book Bloggers:

It has been a wild week on a number of fronts, but I want to make sure we clear up the confusion on how to register for the Book Blogger Convention (now re-branded BEA Bloggers Conference) and what the pricing is.

  • If you are a book blogger you can register for BEA Bloggers as a blogger or under media. The fee for this pass is $135 (Early Bird) and that includes a full pass to BEA which as well as the exhibits at BlogWorld (BW).  You can upgrade for a full BW conference pass for the difference in the appropriate price point.  I have to be candid on this, they have a different registration vendor and we still have to iron out those details, but it will be posted soon and it will be a great deal considering the full BlogWorld Conference pass costs close to $1,000.00.    Register using this link:
  • If you do not qualify as media or a blogger but still want to attend, register as a regular BEA attendee in the category of non editorial media for $159 (Early Bird) and then you may ADD on the BEA Bloggers pass for an additional $72 (Early Bird). When you do this, you will also be able to walk the exhibits at BlogWorld. Register using this link:

If you believe you have registered incorrectly, please email our BEA customer service team at and they will assist you.

I thank you for your support of the BEA Bloggers Conference and BEA.  The whole team appreciates your candid comments. Please know we are here to work with you the book blogging community to ensure this is YOUR event and delivers the VALUE you need and want.

Now for some good and exciting news, author Jennifer Weiner is going to be the Key Note for the BEA Bloggers Conference - Link for Jennifer Weiner bio

As promise here is the shiny new BEA Bloggers logo...


  1. Hi guys,

    I thought I should weigh in here and further clarify Steve's post.

    The pricing for BlogWorld and book expo is a bit different.

    If you are attending as a blogger you want the Blogger and Podcaster pass at BlogWorld.

    Our Blogger and Podcaster pass includes three full days of conference sessions with 200 speakers, the exhibits and entry to all of our parties. Here are the prices:

    Before Feb 22 $147

    Between Feb 23 and March 15 $197
    Between Feb 16 and May 22 $297
    After May 22 $397

    If you have already registered for the BEA Bloggers Conference you just pay the difference between the BEA pass and the BlogWorld pass.

    So if you register by Feb 22, it will cost you $12 bucks to upgrade to the Blogger and Podcaster Pass.

    Between Feb 23 and March 15 $62.

    Between March 16 and May 22 $162.

    After May 22 then it is $262.

    Yes we use a different registration vendor than Book Expo and as Steve says we are working out the details on how to accomplish your pass upgrade but Steve's team is available to answer your questions and get you registered.

    I will be monitoring this thread and will answer any other questions that you have.

    We hope to see you all in New York!

    Rick Calvert
    CEO & Co-founder
    BlogWorld & New Media Expo

  2. I could have known that when this event was taken over by BEA that it would lose the driven blogger focus. There should be a blogger involved somewhere. Also what is up with the quotes? Unnecessary quotations?

  3. Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts. The person we brought on board to oversee the conference has a strong background in blogging/podcasting from the music industry. We are continuing to work with Michelle and Trish on the transition to BEA. We will not be perfect and will make mistakes, but we will listen and do our best to serve this community. Please continue to share your feedback. We have already done one survey and got a terrific response from the 2011 attendees. We are using all that info to address changes that bloggers were requesting like more networking opportunities and more time to interact with authors. If we do a bad job, you will let us know by not showing up, our intent is to take something that was good and make it better. That is not a knock on the Michelle and Trish, but this was a part time labor of love for them - BEA has dedicated full time resources.

    1. I think it is great that you brought someone in that has blogging experience. However, one thing I learned from going from professional tech blogging to this was that book bloggers are a different kind of breed and on a whole we are not hard to please. A lot however would like to see panel information, or a place to submit panel ideas. Your choice of Keynote shows a lot already that you are out of touch with what book bloggers do or want from this conference. An author (even though I love her dearly) doesn't embody the learning vibe the BBC was previously about. What can she teach a four year book blog vet about the process of blogging or how to make her blog better. The old tagline was Read. Blog. Learn. I hope that learning is still a big part of the conference and that the learning can be updated to also be interesting to bloggers who have been around more than a year.

      I can't wait to see what you guys have in store. I look forward to seeing you on Monday :)

  4. I registered for the Book Blogger Con when it was $65 and told that I would get access to BEA, I registered as non-editorial media. They said it would include the BEA pass, now they are saying that my BBC Registration doesn't include my pass to BEA. So what is it? This is very confusing to me.

  5. Good morning Steven, this is Martina writing from Italy.
    I am new in this field. Started reading since I was in mom's belly and in January I published my first poem book. I also started a blog about books and culture (still work in progress though). I wanted to ask if I can register for the Book Blogger Conference. I am thinking of flying to NY for the event. Thank you for your help and support.

    marti luna

  6. I have the Press Pass for the BEA. How do I add on the blogger conference and how much would it cost for me having the Press Pass?

  7. So... what exactly is a qualified book blogger? I mean, I post every single day about books and have a relatively large audience. Am I going to get an email saying I'm rejected even though I clicked the link and paid the $135?

    I think you guys need to be more transparent in your definitions of who is qualified and who is not. And also need to state a CLEAR link where book bloggers should go to register for BEA instead of changing your tune every other day and with every other customer service rep.

  8. I just called customer service and he specifically (and rudely) told me that the book bloggers convention did NOT include a BEA pass, and I would need to pay for that separately. Why is there not one page or link that specifically gives us this price instead of hoping I get a customer service representative that knows what I'm talking about?

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