Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Live BEA Live

I enjoy word play for my blog post titles, but should avoid ones that need an explanation.  The risk of today's post title is people not knowing the intended semantic of the word 'live' as you are reading it - it should read Live (rhyming with give) BEA Live (rhyming with Jive).  

What I am talking about is that for the first time ever BEA is going to live stream the Book & Author Breakfasts, the Buzz Panels and the majority of the programming from the main Author Stage.  We are finalizing the details with Live Stream, who is the service provider.  I mention them specifically because they have technology that is going to allow BEA to provide access anyone that wants host the live feed from a blog or website.  The really cool feature is that people will be able to live chat as events are happening.  We area also planning to take questions from our virtual attendees for the authors.  I am beyond excited about the possibilities this brings to BEA for engaging consumers directly, giving  a peak behind the curtain of the goings on at BEA.  We already know there is a huge appetite for these programs.  BEA has long offered audio of our conference sessions and the last couple of years captured the breakfasts and some other author events on video that we posted weeks after the fact.  To give a sense of the scale of these viewing numbers - there were 168,000+ unique visitors to our site, 1,000,000+ page views and 400,000+ downloads.  While these are not staggering numbers in terms of web traffic, they are when you consider that the site is very utilitarian (as that is all we have needed) and that there is almost no promotion at all for the site or the content.  Still 168,000 unique people found it on their own and were moved to download 400,000+ events from BEA 2011!!!!

More details will come as we finalize our plans.  It will be much more exciting to be at BEA in person, but if you can't be there then Live BEA Live baby!!!!


  1. Live tweeting would be fun too for those who can't get the cast.

  2. This will be great.Live streaming and breakfast with the authors. It is definitely a great idea.