Wednesday, March 7, 2012

BEA Bloggers Conference Update

Excited is a good starting point for describing how we feel about the changes we have in store for the BEA Bloggers Conference (nee the Book Blogger Convention) – which we like to call the BBC.  I’d like to share with you what we’ve been up to and also unveil this year’s program…

First, in order to know where to start BEA did a satisfaction survey to all prior BBC attendees to gain their insights and feedback on what they liked and what they’d like to see going forward.  We then consulted with Trish & Michelle, getting their perspective from the last 2 years.  We followed that by hosting an online focus group with a group of book bloggers to glean even more insights around the event in order to develop a solid program.  Once that was all completed, we crafted a draft of the program based on all of this research and went back to Trish and Michelle to review the program again to make more changes.   

Here is some of the key feedback we got in the process:
o        Sessions need to be shorter – Now all sessions will run under 60 minutes
o        Book Bloggers want more networking – New - there will be an organized networking lunch.
o        Bloggers wanted access to more authors.  New - We made the morning breakfast a continental breakfast where bloggers can network with each other and meet a group of great authors from a variety of genres from the BEA author submission list.
o        Bloggers wanted more access to BEA – We moved the BBC to Monday PRE-BEA.  Ending the program in time so bloggers can attend the BEA Buzz panel and then enjoy some time in the city for dinner or drinks.

We’ve worked hard to gain as many insights as possible to help shape this year’s events—it’s crafted based on what you’ve told us and the guidance from Michelle and Trish. A reminder that while we are not perfect, we will work our tails off to make this the ideal experience for all book bloggers.  We are open to feedback and look forward to continuing to work with you and Trish and Michelle.  Without further delay, here is the basics of the BBC program – full descriptions and speakers coming soon.

BEA Bloggers Conference Program 2012

8:00am                         Registration opens

8:45am-9:45 am Continental Networking Breakfast + Swag Bag
                                    Network with fellow bloggers and guest authors!

10am-11am                   Opening Day Keynote: Jennifer Weiner

11:15am-12:15pm          Blogging Today: What you need to know and what’s next
Listen to a diverse panel of bloggers talk about the craft of blogging in today’s world and about what lies ahead

12:30pm-1:30pm            Let’s Talk Blogs! Networking Luncheon
Make New Friends: sit at tables identified by different genres and led by a blogging author from that genre (YA, SiFi, Romance, Literary Fiction)—you choose where you want to sit with those that want to talk about the same stuff you do!
Visit with Old Friends: sit at open tables with friends to catch up and talk about lots of different things

Critical Reviews

So You Want to Make Money?  Syndication, Monetization and Affiliate Programs for your Blog
Creating Community & Driving Engagement
Content, Social Media, Vodcasts, Podcasts and more
Demystifying the Book Blogger & Publisher Relationship
Panel with book bloggers and publishers discussing challenges and opportunities
4:15pm -5:30pm             BEA Editors Buzz

For more information visit: BEA Bloggers Conference


  1. Sorry to leave a comment that's going to sound very negative, but I'm not impressed with the changes. As enjoyable as it would be to hear Jennifer Weiner speak, there is almost no informational content in the "conference" now. I can't see flying 3,000 miles for this.

    And incidentally, I DID fly 3,000 miles to attend the Book Blogger Con last year, and nobody surveyed ME about my opinion. I would have shared thoughts enthusiastically. Nonetheless, I wish you all well with this venture.