Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Facing Future for BEA

Below is a link to a poll BEA has posted on Facebook looking for input as BEA weighs options for a venue other that Javits and New York for 2016. 

BEA believes the timing will be perfect in 2016 to take BEA to another city, recognizing we'll continue with NYC as the anchor, but looking to rotate destinations once every 4 to5 years. Please weigh in on the following options for 2016, highlighting the pros of each: 

  • Chicago: Strong history with BEA, Easy Flights, Great Convention Center, Strong Library Participation 

  • Las Vegas: Many inexpensive Hotels, Inexpensive labor & drayage costs, Inexpensive Food & Entertainment, Easy Access for West Coast Retailers

BEA Poll On Facebook

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