Tuesday, July 12, 2011

BEA is the cover story of Convene Magazine

I could blame the heat or being distracted by vacation plans for my lack of posting, but the fact is there is just a lot going putting BEA 2011 to bed and executing planning for 2012, which is not far enough along that would be worth sharing.   I do promise a post on 2012 soon - highlighting will be new and different.
I am happy to share that Brien McDonald was promoted to Director of Strategic Accounts.  He has done an incredible job as BEA's National Accounts Manager and taken on a lot of extra duties, the most outwardly visible are his efforts (with Lisa Montanaro) on the BEA Targeted Attendee Program (TAP).  TAP is BEA's strategic effort to attract specific attendees that are particularly valuable to BEA's exhibitors - this has been a great success for BEA.  Congratulations Brien in his new job!!!
INstead of a wrting a thoughtful post, I am taking the short cut of posting a link - Convene Magazine did a great story on BEA from this past year.   Please take a look:  Convene Magazine BEA Story