Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just in case you did not notice.....

If you are here, then you just scrolled by the brand spanking new BEA player.  We plan to have a bunch of taped interviews to post in the next day or two, but still I could not resist posting so I could what the player looked like live.  I also admit I was curious how easy it would be to post the player.  I did it less time than that it took to paste the instructions below.  While I am not quite a Luddite, my tech expertise is not anything to brag about.  We are so excited for the content we will have starting pre-show and then running all next week.  

BEA 2012 Streaming starts June 5 at 8:30 am ET—Live and On Demand at

The BookExpo America (BEA) 2012 Streaming Player is ready now for you to embed onto your Web site!  BEA Streaming is proudly sponsored by SONY Reader Store.

BEA is breaking new ground making the marquee events from this year's show available for viewing live via the web by STREAMING. Don't miss the best of what is happening from authors and discussions on upcoming titles at BEA in a dynamic new way; bringing the excitement and buzz of BEA to an audience beyond the physical event in NYC.

You can be included by adding this exciting book and author content to your Web site!  It could not be simpler and it is totally FREE to embed the BEA Streaming Player right now.  Simply copy and embed the code for the BEA Streaming Player onto your Web site.

BEA Live Streaming begins Tuesday, June 5 at 8:30 am ET with BEA's Book and Author Breakfast and continues on two live channels through the end of BEA on Thursday, June 7. Learn more about the line up for BEA Streaming here.

If you don't embed the player, you as well as your friends and colleagues can still WATCH BEA LIVE...go to  To make it easy, just add this to your Outlook calendar now!

If we don't see you next week June 4-7, 2012 at the Javits Center in New York City, we hope you'll enjoy watching all the action from BEA online. Thank you for bringing BEA to new audiences EVERYWHERE!
Steven Rosato
Event Director, BookExpo America

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Details on BEA's Streaming Plans for this Year

From today's Press Release:
Marquee Author Appearances Now Available to Public for Free Viewing
Norwalk, CT, May 23, 2012:  For the first time ever, BookExpo America (BEA) will make its high profile author appearances available to the public for viewing live or on demand.  Notably, BEA’s celebrated Author Breakfasts, a main highlight of show activity, will be streamed live via Livestream, a leading company in the streaming technology field.  A premier platform for producing live events online, Livestream works across the web and mobile, providing high quality video and interactive social features including chatting and sharing.  Among many features, the streamed BEA author events will showcase “buy buttons” from Indiebound, Sony, Amazon and Barnes & Noble which will allow viewers to order current titles or place a pre-order for titles being discussed that have not yet been released.     

Other author events which will be captured for viewing include programming on BEA’s Downtown Stage as well as all the BEA Editor Buzz panels.  Both the live programming and the recorded programming will be archived and will be available for viewing on demand during the show as well as after.  BEA’s dedicated channel on the Livestream network will not only be available for viewing at and but it will made available to dedicated industry trade sites including Publishers Weekly, Publishers Lunch, Shelf Awareness, The Book Reporter as well as the global Reed book fairs which include London Book Fair, Salon du Livre, and the Tokyo Book Fair.   Additionally, scores of bloggers will also be carrying the feed to their audiences.  

“This is a game changer for BEA,” notes Steven Rosato, Show Manager for BookExpo America.   “The potential exposure for authors is tremendous as we extend our reach beyond the four walls of Javits to readers and book enthusiasts everywhere.   Our high profile Author Breakfasts are often sold out, attracting a huge audience, and filling our auditorium to capacity.   Now we can share these special events with an even wider audience, offering an unparalleled opportunity to build buzz, while offering the book consumer a rare opportunity to peak ‘behind the scenes’ at the annual book convention.  It’s a win/win for everyone.  Without a doubt, this is the most significant new initiative that BEA has ever undertaken.”      

In total, BEA will broadcast 20 hours of live coverage from the convention and organizers note that they will continue to add recorded events that take place during BEA to the BookExpo website for several weeks following the close of the show.   All of the live events will feature Twitter and Facebook sharing and an interactive chat feature allowing viewers from around the globe to interact.   A select few questions will be taken from outside viewers for BEA panelists.  

BookExpo America will take place in New York City at the Jacob K. Javits Center, June 4 – 7, 2012.  For more information about BEA, please visit and connect with BEA on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.  

Monday, May 21, 2012

One of the World's Largest Publishers Debuts North American Launch at BEA

Today’s post is a Q and A with James Franks (Marketing Director) and Robin Pearson (Editorial Director) of De Agostini Publishing.  De Agostini is one of the largest publishers in the world operating in 53 countries with publications in 20 languages, and is organized into specialized areas by type of activity: De Agostini Publishing, De Agostini Books, Editions Atlas France/Us, Digital De Agostini.  De Agostini is launching in the United States in 2012 and making their North American market debut at BookExpo America.  

¡     De Agostini publishes a large variety of books from Children’s books, Art & Hobby Books to Fiction, Scholarly and Travel Guides – will De Agostini USA have particular focus in the US Market? De Agostini is a prolific international publishing company with a long history, so we are very fortunate to have an incredibly deep content pool to draw from. De Agostini publishing USA is a new entity set up to bring this wealth of editorial resource to the US market for the first time. We are not focusing on any specific sector as our publications cover every age group and demographic, but we are looking to develop publishing programs that combine high-quality ‘edutainment’ book series with educational collectables and books-plus items. A great example of this is our Collect-a-Case brand. Collect-a-Case is a unique new publishing concept sold through supermarkets and mass-market retailers - our first launch for the US is Real Bugs! in July 2012. The program consists of a series of Real Bugs! books aimed at kids aged 5-10. Alongside the books we sell 20 different insects and arachnids from around the world, perfectly preserved in lucite (a clear resin), so children can really get excited about the natural history of insects and collect some cool specimens to show their friends and teachers. We would encourage anyone attending BEA to stop by our booth (booth number 2840) and see Real Bugs! for themselves – we guarantee you won’t have seen anything like it before!

¡     What prompted De Agostini to now, in 2012, to enter the US Market? De Agostini publishes in virtually all developed countries around the world and in over 20 major languages, but the USA is obviously a very important piece of the global jigsaw that has been missing – until now. We have spent the last two years studying the market and evaluating the best approach for our product mix, and, with the help of knowledgeable advisor Buz Teacher (former Running Press founder, Publisher and CEO) we feel that we have identified the best products and formats to launch an exciting and profitable publishing program.

¡     What is greatest change from traditional publishing that excites you as a publisher right now? De Agostini has never really been a traditional publisher in the sense of relying on a single publishing model. In Europe our primary route to market is via 'partwork magazines'. These are weekly or bi-weekly mass market publications sold through new stands and supported by huge TV advertising campaigns. Each part contains both original editorial and high-quality hobby items. For example, our recent Cake Decorating partwork contains new recipes in every magazine, alongside the specialist tools readers need to create the recipes. In order to stay relevant and profitable in a fast-moving consumer publishing market we have learnt to constantly evolve and innovate by combining strong editorial with collectibles, hobbyist materials or dvd collections and, lately, through digital innovation. As publishers we are extremely excited about taking our editorial and ‘books plus’ assets and creating innovative new formats for the US market.

¡     What keeps you awake at night in terms of technology and eBooks that you think hurt publishing in a way that has eroded industries like music or newspapers? We do not see digital as a threat to publishing. Our philosophy is to bring traditional publishing and digital publishing together. Customers for our product are buying into an interest, a hobby or a course. To them the boundary between digital and non-digital is a lot less defined than we in the book industry think, or fear. We have proved with our recent launch of Cake Decorating in the UK ( <> ) that the digital/traditional fusion works well. Ultimately, we’re selling people the hobby, not the book. A successful book with digital environment is the future, and that digital environment is not as simple as adding extra pages or content online; in fact we believe strongly that the best way to add a digital component to a product is to let the customers manage the digital side themselves! Empower your readers to create the content - it won't be spelled correctly and the grammar will be often off the mark, but that’s really not an issue for the community. Physical books have advantages over digital ones, Facebook has certain advantages over books, Twitter meets other separate needs - use them all to there own particular strengths and they will all work together to bring the customer one holistic experience - and one last point, the revenue is still going to come from the physical side of things!

¡     What do attendees at BEA need to know about De Agostini that will be good for their stores or libraries? De Agostini is an incredibly creative, innovative and asset-rich company, and we guarantee that you will see products on our booth that you will never have seen before. We think it’s unusual to find a company that specialises in both premium editorial and high-quality hobby items. Not only have we created new ways of offering our products to the US public, we are also keen to work with retailers in all channels to create unique product formats that work for them.

¡     Who do you most hope to meet at BEA this year? We are really looking forward to meeting anybody who is interested in working with De Agostini to bring our amazing assets to market. We have spent the last two years touring the USA talking to many people in the whole supply chain and we have encountered a great deal of enthusiasm about the opportunities still available to innovative publishers in these difficult times. We are on a big learning curve and love to hear opinions, ideas and criticism about what we are trying to achieve. On our stand we will be showcasing a lot of successful product from the around the globe in formats that are just asking to be tailored for the US, so we would love for people to come and tell us "hey, you know what we could do with that...!"


Patti Smith will interview Neil Young when he makes his appearance at North America’s premier book industry event.  “A Conversation with Neil Young and Patti Smith” will take place on Wednesday, June 6 at 12 noon in the Special Events Hall at the Javits Center.  Ms. Smith’s discussion with Mr. Young will focus on his upcoming memoir, Waging Heavy Peace to be published in North America by Blue Rider Press, a member of Penguin Group (USA), in fall of 2012. 

“I am very grateful to Patti Smith for agreeing to participate, as I am to Neil Young and most especially Blue Rider Press for putting this all together.” notes Steve Rosato, Show Manager for BEA.  “This will be a huge attraction for everyone attending our show.   Booksellers, media, and other book industry professionals have a unique opportunity to be a part of a very exclusive once-in-a-lifetime event.  We are honored to have Mr. Young and Ms. Smith at BEA.”

“A Conversation with Neil Young and Patti Smith” is free to all convention attendees.  Seating will be provided on a first come, first served basis.  Lunch will not be provided but guests are free to bring their own lunch. For more information about BEA, please visit and connect with BEA on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. 

The photos below: Neil Young's is from Blue Rider Press while the Patti Smith photo is one of her notable portraits shot by Robert Mapplethorpe.  

Friday, May 18, 2012

Did you know this?

My youngest son Luke always asks me: Did you know this?.  Being 8 years old, he does not recognize the subtlety of asking a question where a person needs information in order to be able to answer Did you know this?  I think he believes I can see what he is thinking   His typical question will be something like:  Dad, Dad, Dad (repeating a name insures instant attention) - Did you know this???  When I ask 'what' this is he talking about, he will then go into great detail about things that range from the fact that a basking shark is not a predator and weighs up to 15 tons or Bulbasaur is certain type of Pokemon with water power.   

With that as a theme - here are my BEA related Did you know this? Facts
  • It is May 17th and the Children's Book and Author Breakfast is officially sold out.
  • BEA will broadcast live nearly 20 hours of programming from the show.
  • Get the BEA Mobile App
  • The BEA Bloggers Conference will feature 30+ authors, with 30+ books given out and it has its own theme song - find the link on this page: BEA Book Blogger Page (scroll down)
  • There are 200 NEW exhibitors at BEA for 2012 New Exhibitor List
  • Check out BlogWorld's line-up: BlogWorld NYC  BlogWorld will host a daily keynote in the Special Events Hall open to all BEA exhibitors & attendees as is the BW show floor.  You can upgrade to the BW conference with any BEA badge for $495.00.  
  • There is amazing world class cultural programs being presented throughout New York City by our Russian partners: Global Market Forum: Cultural Program
  • There 200+ show specials, view them here BEA SHOW SPECIALS
There are only 8 bullets here but packed with enough information that it will take you a week to get through half of it.  

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sharing Cool News from the AAP!!!

This is such a cool award the AAP came up with for Book Bloggers.  We would love to take some credit but that would be pure fiction as this was the total brainchild of the AAP.   BEA is still thrilled that the IBBA award ceremony will be taking place at the BEA Book Bloggers Conference.  The AAP generously is sending the winners to BEA!!! 

PS:  Don't forget that BlogWorld is co-locating with BEA from June 5-7.  Register now as the early bird pricing will be expiring shortly. 
Independent Book Blogger Awards Winners Revealed
Washington, DC, May 16, 2012 – After hundreds of submissions…nearly 10,000 voters… and 60 finalists…the four winners of the first Independent Book Blogger Awards are being announced today by Goodreads and the Association of American Publishers.  All winners were previously contacted and confirmed.
The bloggers and their winning categories are:
Insatiable Booksluts – Adult Fiction category
Sophisticated Dorkiness – Adult Non-Fiction category
The Nerdy Book Club – Children’s/Young Adult category
Writer Beware Blogs! – Publishing Industry News category
Each winner receives free airfare, hotel accommodations and full admission to next month’s BookExpo America in New York City, the US publishing industry’s most important annual gathering, as well as entry to the annual BEA Bloggers Conference to be held the previous day.  Winners will also be acknowledged on Monday, June 4, 10AM prior to the Bloggers Conference keynote featuring author Jennifer Weiner.
“On behalf of the AAP Trade Division member publishers, who conceived and supported this competition, we were simply delighted with the outpouring of interest for this debut effort and the originality and diversity of the submissions,” said Tina Jordan, Vice President, AAP.  “We are so appreciative of everyone who entered and hope that the voters take time to sample some of the great voices they can discover as listed on our blogroll.”
“The interest and voting show you just how influential book bloggers are in the world of books,” said Patrick Brown, Community Manager, Goodreads and one of the judges.  “The attention and accolades are richly deserved and I congratulate all the nominees for the great work they are doing. You made the job of judging that much harder but it’s to every reader’s benefit to have such a wealth of amazing book blogs from which to choose.”
Entries were judged on writing, analysis, design and presentation and reader impact.  The viewpoints expressed in blogs are those of the independent authors and do not represent AAP or Goodreads.
Insatiable Booksluts consists of book reviews, advice to authors, industry news and humorous tales of reading woes (and lots of swearing).  With the tagline, “Voracious readers tell you if that book is going to suck,” the blog gives an honest opinion about books and reading.  The blogger behind Insatiable Booksluts is Susan Rodarme, a writer who lives in Columbus, Ohio. 
At Sophisticated Dorkiness, Kim Ukura is a bookworm journalist who writes primarily about non-fiction and literary fiction but also loves to read memoirs, comics and young adult fiction. The blog features reviews, opinions and musings about reading and writing.  Ukura is the editor of a community newspaper, the Morris Sun Tribune, and lives in Morris, Minnesota. 
The Nerdy Book Club is a community of readers from all over the world who particularly enjoy books for children and young adults; it’s organized and run by Colby Sharp, Donalyn Miller and Cindy Minnich.  In 2011, they held the first annual “Nerdies Book Awards” for Picture Books, Graphic Novels, Poetry, Nonfiction, Young Adult Fiction and Middle Grade Fiction.  The IBBA winner on behalf of The Nerdy Book Club is Minnich of Millersburg, Pennsylvania, who is a high school English teacher and National Writing Project fellow.  
Writer Beware Blogs! shines a bright light into the dark corners of the shadow-world of literary scams, schemes and pitfalls along with industry news and writing advice.  The blog is sponsored by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America with additional support from the Mystery Writers of America.  Winner of the IBBA competition is Victoria Strauss, the author of eight novels for adults and young adults who lives in Amherst, Massachusetts.
Finalists in the Independent Book Blogger Awards are:
According to AAP and Goodreads, all submissions are worth reading. These can be found at
About Goodreads:
Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations. Founded in 2007, Goodreads is where readers discover and share books they love. The site has eight million members who have added more than 300 million books to their shelves and written more than 14 million reviews. Loved by avid and casual readers alike, Goodreads members can discover new books by seeing what their friends are reading or by using the Goodreads Book Recommendation Engine; share ratings and recommendations; track what they have read and list what they want to read. Goodreads is also a place where more than 35,000 authors and their publishers connect with readers. It is a privately owned company.
About AAP:
The Association of American Publishers is the national trade association representing the country’s premier book publishers. Its 300 members develop and publish the highest-quality entertainment, education, scientific and professional content in all print and digital formats. The AAP Trade Division member organizations are active in promoting the joy of reading, literacy, the value of publishers in an information society and First Amendment rights. They are committed to raising awareness through a variety of initiatives produced independently and in collaboration with libraries and other groups.

For AAP:  Amanda Straub, Manager, Communications, AAP –
For Goodreads:  Suzanne Skyvara,


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Letter to BEA's Steering Committee

I sent the note below to BEA's Executive Steering Committee earlier last week.  After a number of positive exchanges, I thought it would be worth sharing with anyone that is participating in BEA.  I hope this is helpful news. 

Dear BEA Executive Steering Committee:

I am writing with an update for what to expect at BEA 2012.  I am extremely pleased with our key initiatives, feeling that BEA is pointed forward to better serve the industry and provide more value for your investment. 

¡  BEA & Consumers:  The concept of having consumers is more important than the number of consumers, providing a new angle for press coverage, opening the door to readers everywhere to follow BEA, discovering titles at BEA through our video efforts and social media outlets.
o   1,000 consumers attending (Thursday only) are being titled: Power Readers.  
o   There will still be 7,000 to 8,000+ librarians, booksellers, retailers and professionals in attendance at BEA on Thursday 6/07. 
¡  BEA Video Streaming:  BEA will ‘broadcast’ events that include the Book & Author Breakfasts and from the Downtown Stage. The player will have an interactive chat feature and buy buttons to purchase or pre-order titles featured in the Buzz Panels or the Breakfasts.
¡  BEA’s Targeted Attendee Program:   The focus for 2012 was on delivering Museum Store Buyers, Hospital Gift Stores & ABA stores that have not attended in the past 2 years. 
¡  Digital: BEA’s partnerships with the IDPF, PublishersLaunch and revamping the BEA Educational Program will deliver world class content at BEA to educate your staff to bring innovation along with the latest trends into your organizations.
¡  BEA Conference Program:  The on-line tool for BEA Education & Author Search is vastly improved, simpler to navigate, easy to make a custom agenda and find what is useful for individual interests. 
¡  BEA Bloggers Conference:  Moved to Monday June 4th with new promotional opportunities for authors.  
¡  BEA Global Market Forum Program: Russia:  Russia is presenting an ambitious program at Javits and all over NYC.  CEO’s from the 10 largest Russian publishers will be attending as well as 50 authors and 100+ Russian booksellers and librarians.  Russian GMF Program
¡  There are happenings and events around New York City through New York Book & Media Week, BlogWorld and the ABA.   

There are still minor construction issues with Javits.  Our attendance is tracking well and I am hoping that familiarity with Javits with render this a non-issue. The construction at Javits will be completed by 2013, so this only impacts BEA for this year.

I am eager for the first week of June to arrive and will look forward to seeing you at BEA. I am available anytime - e-mail or call with any questions, comments or concerns

Regards, Steven Rosato Event Director -  

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Russians Are Most Definitely Coming

Below is most of this year's professional panels for BEA's Global Market Forum (GMF) program that will proudly focus on the Russian publishing industry.  This will be the most ambitious GMF program ever produced at BEA.  I am very excited about the content that will be presented but also grateful to for such wonderful partners who had a grand vision that they are executing at such a high level.  There will be many people to thank later and I look forward to also promoting some of the great cultural events that will take place away from Javits.  

When: Monday, June 4, 2012, 9:30 am – ca. 5:30 pm.
Where: Jacob M. Javits Center, Room 1E17.

GMF Read Russia Panels & Speakers
Welcome by Vladimir Grigoriev (Russian Federal Agency of Press and Mass Communication) and Steven Rosato (BEA)
9:00 – 9:10

An Overview Of The Russian Book & Publishing Marketplace
9:10 – 10:30
Speakers : Vladimir Grigoriev, Russian Federal Agency of Press and Mass Communication, Oleg Novikov, CEO of EKSMO, Yury Deikalo, CEO of AST/Astrel; Andrew Nuremberg, agent. Mod: RĂ¼diger Wischenbart
Russian Literature in Translation in The United States Market
10:30 – 11:20
Speakers: Vladimir Grigoriev, Russian Federal Agency of Press and Mass Communication, Morgan Entrekin, Grove Atlantic, Peter Mayer, Overlook Press, Andrew Bromfield, translator; Mod.: Ed Kasinec, Librarian, 
Exciting Educational Publishing Programs In Russia
11:30 – 12:20
Speakers: Alexander Kondakov, CEO Prosveshenie, Dmitry P. Bak, Vice-Rector for Scientific Research, Russian State University for the Humanities;
Lunch Break: 12:30 – 13:30
Children & Young Adult Titles In Russian Publishing
13:30 – 14:20
Speakers: Arkady Vitrouk, CEO Attikus group (the Russian partner of Hachette); Lev Elin CEO Egmont-Russia, Julia Zagachin, owner and CEO of Pink Giraff; Olga Ro, Russian Book Industry Magazine, moderator.
A Critical Review of Russia's Policy on Copyrights and Piracy
14:30 – 15:20

Speakers: Oleg Novikov, CEO of EKSMO, Sergey Anuriev; CEO of , Michael Healey, Copyright Clearance Center; Ruediger Wischenbart, BEA, moderator
Stepping Into The Digital Future With Russia
15:30 – 16:20
Speakers: Alexandr Bobrovskiy, Vice-CEO , Vladimir Kharitonov, Executive Director Russian Web-publishers Association, Leo Prozument Managing Director-EMEA and North America – Development Director Wexler-Russia (reading devices), Pieter Swinkels, Kobo, Andrei Sorokin, Russian State Archive, and Vadim Steklo, Yale University (“Secrets from the Russian Archive” digitization project, with Yale University Press). George Slowik, Publishers Weekly, moderator:
Technological Advances In Russian Distribution & Print On Demand
16:30 – 17:20
Yevgeniy Khata CEO (Russian POD), David Taylor, Ingram/Lightning Source; Patricia Arancibia, Barnes &Noble; Mod.: Ed Nawocka, Publishing Perspectives
Author stages:

Uptown Tue
Natalia Solzhenitsyn, publisher and executor of the estate of Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Eduard Radzinsky, bestselling author of The Last Tsar
Solomon Volkov, award-winning author of St. Petersburg: A Cultural History

Wed 5.00-5.30
Contemporary literary writers.

THUR 12:00 – 12:30
John Narrins and the Russian Debut prize.

Monday, May 7, 2012

BEA Countdown - Helpful Hints from Steve Rosato

It is just under 1 month until BEA 2012 opens our doors big and wide to the world of publishing.  I wanted to share some tips I have learned over the years that are useful for anyone participating in a trade show.  Trade shows are grueling, long days, they are jammed with opportunity.  Everything here will help you be more productive, more comfortable or is just a good idea.

  • Make appointments - too many is still not enough.  Whether you are attending or exhibiting, don't depend on people either dropping into your booth or people you hope to see.  This is the one single thing in your control that will guarantee your investment.  Everything else is gravy.
  • Baby Powder - it is good all over, but it will help save your feet and for guys, a little around your collar will save your neck from razor rash.
  • Drink lots and lots of water.  You are walking and talking way more than you do in a typical day, starting earlier and finishing later - being hydrated is good for everything.
  • Vitamins & Advil.
  • Cure for sore feet - run under cold water.  I prefer the tub but worked with people that will stick their tootsies in the toilet and flush away and swear by this.
  • If you are exhibiting - rent a lead retrieval unit.  The time it will save you will pay for itself and being able to respond quickly to customers that are interested in your products will make you money.
  • Business cards - you are talking to dozens and dozens of people, write key notes on a persons business card you can connect with or follow up as promised.
  • Business cards - don't forget them!!!  It is better to have too many than to wish you brought more.
  • Use Show Planner - you can hit the sessions that you want and have a plan in advance.'
  • Read & Save the Show Daily - not only can you see what is happening, but the publishers promoting books in the Show Daily are doing it because those are the books they think will be their big books.
  • When you are standing in line or are a shuttle bus, talk to people - you already know if they are at BEA, they are in the publishing industry.  Ya never know when or where you are going to make a great new connection.
  • Make sure you eat a good breakfast - you can get away with missing lunch, but missing breakfast will make for a much longer day.
  • Enjoy the events in and around NYC.  Get yourself invited to a party or go to a NY Book & Media Week event.  
  • A good night sleep is your best friend.....ever!
  • Don't take something because it free - take what is relevant or interesting,.  
  • Repeat a persons name a couple of times when you are introduced, it will help you remember their name.  Try and work it in a conversation or you can just keep repeating their name and they will no doubt remember you.  That's a joke.  But stay focused on the people you are talking with before moving on in a conversation.
  • I keep business cards from a show in the badge holder when I return to the office that way I always know where I met the person. 
  • Expenses - can be a bear.  Take 2 minutes to total up each day or you will spend 2 hours trying to sort out the pile you return home with trying to make sense of a wad of paper. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Details for BEA's Power Readers

Below is Copied from the BEA Website: Power Readers Page


For the first time ever, BEA is opening its doors to a select group ofbook fans, accessible through your neighborhood bookstore.
A select group of neighborhood bookstores are participating in the inaugural BEA Power Reader Day. See the list below.
  • Bank Street (Kids)—610 W. 112th Street, New York, NY
  • BookCourt—163 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY
  • Book Culture—536 Fulton Street, New York, NY
  • Greenlight—686 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY
  • Housing Works—126 Crosby Street, New York, NY
  • Idlewild
  • McNally Jackson—52 Prince Street, New York, NY
  • NY Public Library—188 Madison Ave., New York, NY
  • Posman—9 Grand Central Terminal, New York, NY
  • Powerhouse—37 Main Street, New York, NY
  • St Marks—31 Third Ave., New York, NY
  • Strand—828 Broadway, New York, NY
  • Three Lives—154 W. 10th Street, New York, NY
  • Word—126 Franklin Street, Brooklyn, NY
In order to register, you must get an Exclusive Power Reader Invite from your neighborhood bookstore. When you do, you will be able to register at the deeply discounted price of $45.

BEA Power Readers will enjoy:

  • Discover new and upcoming books before they hit the stands
  • See and meet your favorite authors
  • Talk to publisher about favorite books and authors
  • Mix and Mingle with other book lovers and share your passion for reading
  • Get autographs and advanced reads of unique books (quantities limited)
Note: Soliciting of products, services or manuscripts strictly prohibited.