Thursday, December 13, 2012

BEA Bloggers Conference 2013 Call for Papers NOW OPEN

We are excited to get input for programming ideas from the Book Blogging community that support the BBC.  The way it will work:  Complete the simple on-line submission form, the BEA team will organize submissions for the Conference Advisory Board who will review all submissions, vetting  the submissions for sessions that will make up the BBC Conference program. We might even copy and idea or two for the BEA program!

2013 Call for Papers – Now Open!

Do you have thoughts on what would make an interesting topic, or who would be an engaging speaker, in next year's BEA Bloggers Conference Program? BEA Bloggers welcomes proposals for panel moderators, panel speakers and hour-long presentation topics relevant to book blogging community for its annual Conference Program Wednesday, May 29, 2013 at Jacob Javits Convention Center in NYC.
Deadline: Proposing a session: January 18, 2013

Monday, December 10, 2012

Bloggers Attending BEA

On a recent post, I noted the following:
  • We made a number of mistakes with the blogger registration process in 2012.  The new process will be simplified, clear and transparent. 
    • Bloggers will be able to register for BEA AND the conference for one low price.
    • Any bloggers wanting to attend just BEA and not the BBC will have a discounted special rate.
    • Bloggers wanting to register for a free media pass can do so, but will be subject to similar criteria as all working press 
This remains accurate, but in testing our registration system we learned that we need to make number of significant fixes in the process to deliver a simple experience.  Unfortunately these fixes will not be completed until the end of January (we are hoping to be surprised and it will be done earlier).  

Here is the process for book bloggers to register for BEA:

  1. You are a Book Blogger, you want to go to the BEA Bloggers Conference (BBC) and BEA, great, we appreciate you!  There will be a direct link from a dedicated page for the BBC, the Early Bird Price will be $135.00 and includes the BBC AND your BEA pass.  You can add other events like the BEA Book and Author Breakfasts once you complete your registration.  Note - you must be an active book blogger to get this discounted rate, otherwise you will have to register in another attendee category then ADD the BBC as an additional event for $80.00 on top of the fee for category that would apply for your situation.
  2. You are a Book Blogger and you want to attend BEA and NOT the BBC.  We appreciate you too, Registration = $104.00.  That is the lowest professional attendee price point (which is = to what booksellers and librarians pay)
  3. Your are a Book Blogger and want to attend BEA as a working member of the media and are not interested in attending the BBC - we appreciate all bloggers!!!  Simply go to the Media Registration Page and choose Blogger.  You are subjected to similar criteria as any other credentialed media person.  If you do not qualify as working media, you will be notified directly within a week to 10 days.  
Note, the minimum price for the BBC, if you have not paid to attend BEA, is $135.00.  This prevents someone from getting a free a media pass then adding the BBC for $80.00.  We pretty much run the BBC at break even and that is why this is in place.

I will post again later this week with a link for panel submissions for the BBC.