Tuesday, May 31, 2011

On to the next......

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - I do feel just a bit lighter this week.  It is back to a more normal pace this week after the hyper active pre-BEA mode for the last 2+ months.   I am eager to hear people's feedback - especially if there was anything negative.  Without knowing where BEA is challenged - we can only hazzard a guess on what needs to be improved.  If I was good at guessing - I would spend more time in Las Vegas.  

I am going to post a couple of the nice comments I have gotten so far (I have not gotten anything negative - if I do get a true complaint - I will share if it to see if was an isolated issue or something to be concerned about).  Also, posted below are links to a good interview with Michael Schatzkin by Publishing Perspectives and a link to the BookExpo Cast site with loads of great video from BEA.

Hi Steve,

It was another great year. I hope you received positive feedback from attendees.
Danielle Yeomans, Coordinator Ulster BOCES
SLSA President-Elect

Hi Steve: Thanks for putting together a good show. I thought things went well and I appreciate all the things you did to get people in the door and in the aisles. See you soon.

Mark Suchomel - President
Independent Publishers Group

Publishing Perspectives Video Interview with Mike Shatzkin at BEA


Friday, May 27, 2011

BEA Numbers are in!!

It was a larger task than usual to report on BEA’s numbers because of the number of co-located events and to insure we were counting the right people only one time.   The final numbers may change slightly once the registration reports are scrubbed, but the numbers below are accurate to within less than a 1% variation. 

That total number of professionals that passed through BEA jumped significantly due to BlogWorld, but that would not provide an apples to apples comparison.  It should also be noted that BEA strategically vetted more attendee groups to improve the quality of those participating in BEA.  In particular there were 500 less attendee authors in 2011.  This should not be confused with authors that appear at BEA for signings or events which are counted in BEA’s professional number. 

This is the apples to apples comparison as calculated in 2010:   
  • The total attendance for BEA 2011 was 21,664 compared to 21,919 in 2010
  • BEA had 13,028 attendees in 2011 compared to 13,872 in 2010.  

The total number at BEA 2011 that included BlogWorld attendees was 23,067 compared to 21,919 in 2010.  A more detailed press release will be issued next.

Thank you to all those that sent so many nice e-mails offering congratulations and sharing how good BEA was from your perspective.  PLEASE check out the www.bookexpocast.com for a lot of the video that is posted to see anything you might have missed in person. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

News on Russia

Global Market Forum Russia press conference

May 26, 2011

Vladimir Grigoriev, Steven Rosato


While this year's show was still in full swing, I had the pleasure to welcome Vladimir Grigoriev of the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communication in Russia, who will oversee next year's "Global Market Forum: Russia". After the Arab world, Spain and Italy in the past years, the Russian program will be by far the most ambitious line up of both professional and cultural programs that we had so far. It will not only introduce books and publishers to the American market. By bringing 40+ authors as well as a delegation of booksellers and librarians to New York, it will have a significant impact not only on BEA, but also on New York Book week, the literary line of events in the City.

At our joint press conference, Vladimir Grigoriev laid out the scope of his plans. On the one hand, his goal is to energetically promote the translation of Russian literature with American publishers and the reading audience by sponsoring the cost of translation. On the other hand, Grigoriev want to bring American know how to ease the digital transition which is currently re-shaping the Russian industry just as it affected publishing in the US.

The Russian book industry releases on average 120,000 titles per year. The Russian effort in New York will be supported by Academia Rossica, a London based initiative for the promotion of Russian literature internationally.


Steven Rosato
Event Director-BookExpo America srosato@reedexpo.com
Sent from my BlackBerry


BEA Day 3 was punctuated by Jane Fonda's packed (SRO) appearance on the Insight Author Stage - a perfect bookend event.   I am struck by the number of people asking me how I think things went - which is ironic because I don't see how it matters what I think - the only thing that matters is what attendees and exhibitors think and what  they got out of BEA,  It is like asking a waiter - how was my dinner?   

I am extremely grateful for all the congratulations I have gotten which truly belong to the entire BEA team.  What I do think is I am beyond thrilled at buzz, activity and what transpired at BEA 2011.  BEA remains vital and the outlook going forward is vibrant. This vibrancy is born out by the effort to improve the quality of BEA attendees and bring in new buyers while eliminating those who are peripheral to what is valuable for BEA exhibitors.  It was clear the major emphasis to improve the quality of BEA attendees was a huge success.   The future for BEA looks well beyond just next year with my conversations looking at where will be not just next year but all the way out to 2016 and more. 

We hope to have attendee numbers later tonight or earlier tomorrow - we have to have scanners uploaded and go through the deduping process. 

BEA Day 3

Even on day 3, people are lining up anxious to get on the show floor for the opening Bell.  This mornings breakfast included a very funny short video Ellen Degeneres made specifically for this morning's Book & Author Breakfast (moderated by Jim Lehrer with Roger Ebert, Anne Enright & Erik Larson).  There will be a short press conference to share news on the some of the plans for the BEA's 2012 Global Market Forum feature country of Russia.  One year out and the planning is already well underway.  The news will provide details and scope for how ambitious of a project next year's program will genuinely be for BEA and Russia.

I expect to be back here later today or early tomorrow to report BEA's final attendance numbers from what has been a great show.   In 2011 BEA saw more first time exhibitors (150+), more content on the show floor with programming on the Insight Stages, the IDPF Digital Zone and the new Made in America Pavilion.  There was a special networking breakfast for museum store buyers that I have received a number of e-mails on citing what a great experience it was, already planning for 2012!!    From everything I saw and heard - 2011 has been decidely upbeat and smooth.  I anticipate a big jump in out attendee satisfaction scores as all the problems that we encountered last year with lines in the food courts and crowding in autograpging or navigating the show floor were addressed and relegated as non-issues. 

I want to also acknowledge a number of our partners for delivering on things that improved the BEA show experience from the jammed show daily the PW delivered to the Publishers Lunch conference which was a great program, the Book Bloggers Convention grew considerably....I am out of time as I am being paged now - I will get back to offer a recap on some of the other highlights that helped stamp this BEA as one with a future that is more vibrant than it has been in years 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BEA 2011 Day 2

The doors won't open for another 10 minutes or so and there are long lines at both entrances waiting to get into BEA this morning.  That is an odd way to start this post - but as a show organizer, our mission and how we are measured is by the audience we deliver.  We get a sense leading up to BEA on what to expect, good or bad - but you never know until everyone shows up.  So, seeing long lines anxious to get in is a very comforting sight.

It has been genuinely upbeat and the programming has been outstanding.  This morning's breakfast Diane Keaton, Jefferey Eugenides and Charlaine Harris; with Master of Ceremonies: Mindy Kaling was terrific.  You can get a peak at what you are missing on this link: BookExpo Cast including yesterday's breakfast and the Editor's Buzz Panel from Monday.  We will continue to get some select video up as quickly as we can. 

We will have a press conference tomorrow to announce some exciting news about the 2012 Global Market Forum featured country Russia.  That will be at 10:30 in the BEA press office (5/26).

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

WOW it has been a busy day...........

Day 1 from BEA has been a sea of smiling faces (lots and lots of faces!!).  Lead off by the terrific Children's Breakfast this morning hosted by Julianne Moore and featuring Sarah Dessen, Kevin Henkes, Katherine Paterson and Brian Selznick.   It was close to a record attendance with more than 1,200 people in attendance.  The only down side so far today has been the attempt to kryogenically preserve anyone in the Hachette booth where the air conditioning chose to go into hyper cool down mode.   Not to make light of it, but it took 3 hours to fix the problem and the staff at Hachette was incredibly understanding.

Monday, May 23, 2011

BEA Announces Industry Ambassador Award

It was my great pleasure and a true honor to name the recipient of the first Annual BEA Industry Ambassador Award this morning at the opening of the IDPF Digital Book 2011 program.  The winner was Mr. Steve Potash, CEO of Overdrive. 

The BEA Industry Ambassador will honor publishing industry professionals who distinguish themselves by representing, promoting and advancing the interests of publishing as a whole.  Those characteristics define BEA's role as an industry platform to promote and advance the interests of BEA's various stakeholders - that includes authors, publishers, booksellers, librarians, increasingly technology companies as well as the media that make BEA the great industry event that it is. 

It was over due to recognize someone who embodies those characteristics from the industry.  I could not think of a more deserving person who is as tireless as he is selfless in what he contributes to publishing as a whole.  I look forward to growing the stature of this award, but  it will be defined by Mr. Potash who as the first recipient truly defines the intent and spirit of this award.

And so it begins....

This year BEA has been a sprint from start to finish with the amount of planning and execution that has gone on to get to this point.  Well - the finish line is in sight and there is still wind in our sails and gas left in the tank.  The reason it feels like we have been sprinting the whole way is because since I pulled out of Javits on May 26th in 2010 at 5:00, BEA 2011 planning started in earnest before I was even off of 11th Avenue when BEA made the decision to restore the 3rd day of exhibits.  Working through the ALA concept, securing our partnerships with the IDPF, the Book Bloggers Convention, entering the venture with Blog World & New Media Expo, welcoming the Audio Publishers Association, the IBPA Publishing University and the expansion of New York Book Week - well, you get the idea why we have not come up for air and started in a full sprint on May 26th. 

It is early Monday before the BEA crescendo fully comes to a head but a few things tell me that with our blinders on for this race, BEA will come out well ahead.  The IDPF will exceed their record numbers from 2010 - looking like close to 900 total conferees, the Book Bloggers Convention will have 15% more people, BEA itself will see more librarians and more VIPs in very strong numbers, the BEA program today is awesome, the Global Market Forum featuring Italy has packed agenda with outstanding speakers.  I will be back here later this morning with some BEA news and posting often this week.  If you are at BEA-I hope I see you, get a chance to thank you for supporting the best publishing event in North America and you walk away with a terrific experience for you and your business.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Italy is featured for BEA's Global Market Forum Program - May 23, 2011

From today's press release detailing the wonderful Italian Global Market Forum program:
A rich and compelling program of panel debates provides detailed market information and ample business and match making opportunities

Norwalk, CT, May 16, 2011: Publishing in Italy will be the focus of attention at BEA’s conference day on Monday, May 23rd, the day preceding the official opening of convention floor activity at America’s largest gathering of publishers and other book industry professionals at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City.

The Italian-American meeting will cover a full range of topics: from introducing fiction writing in translation; to children’s and art books; to market exchanges by exporting, importing or trading translation rights; to digital innovation.

The speakers will be from key companies in the U.S. and Italy, representing significant expertise in various areas including publishers, editors, agents, book fair organizers, as well as officials from professional organizations in both countries.

Italy will be highlighted as one of the most thriving book markets in Europe, with a long tradition of successful companies going back over a century, yet with new and dynamic contenders moving forcefully in the international community, as well as seeking fresh opportunity in the digital arena.

In this regard, several publishing personalities who have recently been responsible for making Italian authors a big success with American readers will share their professional experience. And by introducing a European research project called “Arrow” on “orphan works” – a key obstacle in creating a truly universal digital library for the future - Italy has demonstrated that its innovators are at the forefront of some of the key issues with regard to digital change.

The Global Market Forum: Italy is a joint project of BookExpo America, the Italian Trade Commission in Chicago and the Italian publishers’ association AIE.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First there was sliced bread and then there was the BEA Mobile App

I tested out the BEA Mobile App last week and it ROCKED and today it went LIVE!!!  Download away my friends. The BEA Moblile App has additional functionality for exhibitors (track shipments, orders and invoicing!!), total ease of use and COMPLETE info for navigating BEA that will make it a different, better show experience.   Below is a write up from my eSolutions team - but words will pale to the experience.  This is like when plumbing was moved indoors, when it was decided to serve water in a glass instead of your hands, comparing a washing machine to using a rock, well - I am getting thin on anologies here.  It's free, it has all the BEA info you will need and it is completely unituitive.

Features include:
  • Full Exhibitor List – including Show Specials
  • Autographing Schedules
  • Authors & Book Lists
  • Interactive Map of the exhibit floor
  • Conference & Special Event Listings
  • Basic Show Info and Tips
  • Show Updates & Alerts
  • Frommer’s Guide (to come by show time…this will not be in the first release of the app)

**One of the most important notes for this year is the mobile web access. Last year we were just an iPhone app. This year we have an iPhone app and a mobile website so anyone with a web-enabled mobile device including Android and Blackberry will be able to access this info. If someone did download our app last year, they will need to download the brand new app to access the current information and new features. We will not be updating the old one.

To access it, people will simply need to visit http://www.beamobile.com/  from their mobile phone/device. If they are on an iPhone, it will prompt them to go to the app store. If they are on any other mobile device, it will take them to our mobile website version. Right now that URL goes to our website where people can sign up to be alerted via text message when it is ready. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Free Breakfast for BEA IRC Members

Our wonderful friends from the Turin International Book Fair will again be just outside the International Rights Center with an information table answering questions about the Turin International Book Fair.  Plan to  to stop by and they will provide you with a $10.00 voucher good for food service at Javits!!! 

This will be on Tuesday May 24th from 9:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. 

Friday, May 6, 2011

BEA Made Easy

Take advantage of My BEA Show Planner. This is super easy to use as an online show planner.  It will help you navigate and plan your time at the show more efficiently. Take a tour today with our new BEA Planning Made Easy  Video instructions for the BEA Show Planner

Thursday, May 5, 2011

GUEST COLUMN by Nick Ruffilo to Announce a COOL EVENT: Drop Everything and Read

Enjoy your DEAR time. Drop Everything and Read. Event Time: Thursday May 26th, 2-3PM
Where: South Concourse of Javits

At 2pm on Thursday May 26th, join your fellow publishing professionals for a break from the hustle and bustle with some DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) time. Come, relax, swap galleys and stories with others, and have a wonderful time.

The publishing industry is built on two key components - writers and readers. Without writers, we would have no content to package and sell. Without readers, we would have no one to sell that content to. I’ve spent a relatively short time in publishing - only 3 ½ years - but I’ve learned a few things that I’d like to share with everyone:

1) Book industry people are amazing! As an outsider you embraced me, listened to my ideas, and helped to teach me about the wonderful nature of publishing. I’ve also come to find that this isn’t unique to me. Publishing professionals are generally nice people.

2) Publishing professionals love their product. Sure, bankers love money, but I’ve yet to work in an industry where 75% of a company was comprised of a sampling of its target market. Who better to curate and cultivate a product than the very people that love it.

3) Reading is cool. I grew up in a household where reading was something you did from time to time. Sure, it was valued, but the “cool” kids played sports and were popular. That mentality followed me around until just a few years ago when I went to my first publishing gathering. Beyond confirming my “readers are nice” affirmation, I learned that readers and reading are actually really cool.

“This is all good & well, but, so...?” That’s a great question and a perfect lead in. I want to give back to each and every one of you that have helped me in these past few years - directly or indirectly. I want to do that by giving you a time and place to do what you love most with the people that share the most in common with you.

I’m inviting people to come join me from 2-3pm on Thursday May 26th in the South Concourse for a blast from Kindergarten and just DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) for 30 minutes. The rest of the 30 minutes you can use to read, relax, run to your next meeting, or chat and catch up.

Don’t forget to bring your galleys you’ve collected during the show to swap with others (make sure you get what you want at BEA, not just what was handed to you).

I am also looking to give out goodies (candy, bookmarks, etc) and am looking for partners to help with the cost. If you are interested, please contact nruffilo@bookswim.com or call 201-248-2679.

I hope to see you there!

Nick Ruffilo
Office: 732-603-1091
Mobile: 201-248-2679
Twitter: @BookSwim

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Publishers Weekly BEA Preview Article

PW wrote up a terrific review on BEA: Link to BEA Overview from PW  One item to note, for which PW has already printed a correction but in this link it states that BlogWorld & New Media Expo runs on Friday May 27th   - that was mixed up date wise with the Book Blogger Convention that takes place at that time.  BlogWorld will be running May 24-26.  They did wonderful job in picking up a lot of the highlights for BEA.