Monday, May 16, 2011

Italy is featured for BEA's Global Market Forum Program - May 23, 2011

From today's press release detailing the wonderful Italian Global Market Forum program:
A rich and compelling program of panel debates provides detailed market information and ample business and match making opportunities

Norwalk, CT, May 16, 2011: Publishing in Italy will be the focus of attention at BEA’s conference day on Monday, May 23rd, the day preceding the official opening of convention floor activity at America’s largest gathering of publishers and other book industry professionals at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City.

The Italian-American meeting will cover a full range of topics: from introducing fiction writing in translation; to children’s and art books; to market exchanges by exporting, importing or trading translation rights; to digital innovation.

The speakers will be from key companies in the U.S. and Italy, representing significant expertise in various areas including publishers, editors, agents, book fair organizers, as well as officials from professional organizations in both countries.

Italy will be highlighted as one of the most thriving book markets in Europe, with a long tradition of successful companies going back over a century, yet with new and dynamic contenders moving forcefully in the international community, as well as seeking fresh opportunity in the digital arena.

In this regard, several publishing personalities who have recently been responsible for making Italian authors a big success with American readers will share their professional experience. And by introducing a European research project called “Arrow” on “orphan works” – a key obstacle in creating a truly universal digital library for the future - Italy has demonstrated that its innovators are at the forefront of some of the key issues with regard to digital change.

The Global Market Forum: Italy is a joint project of BookExpo America, the Italian Trade Commission in Chicago and the Italian publishers’ association AIE.

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  1. from introducing fiction crafting in translation; to children’s and craft books
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