Thursday, May 26, 2011

News on Russia

Global Market Forum Russia press conference

May 26, 2011

Vladimir Grigoriev, Steven Rosato


While this year's show was still in full swing, I had the pleasure to welcome Vladimir Grigoriev of the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communication in Russia, who will oversee next year's "Global Market Forum: Russia". After the Arab world, Spain and Italy in the past years, the Russian program will be by far the most ambitious line up of both professional and cultural programs that we had so far. It will not only introduce books and publishers to the American market. By bringing 40+ authors as well as a delegation of booksellers and librarians to New York, it will have a significant impact not only on BEA, but also on New York Book week, the literary line of events in the City.

At our joint press conference, Vladimir Grigoriev laid out the scope of his plans. On the one hand, his goal is to energetically promote the translation of Russian literature with American publishers and the reading audience by sponsoring the cost of translation. On the other hand, Grigoriev want to bring American know how to ease the digital transition which is currently re-shaping the Russian industry just as it affected publishing in the US.

The Russian book industry releases on average 120,000 titles per year. The Russian effort in New York will be supported by Academia Rossica, a London based initiative for the promotion of Russian literature internationally.


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