Thursday, May 26, 2011


BEA Day 3 was punctuated by Jane Fonda's packed (SRO) appearance on the Insight Author Stage - a perfect bookend event.   I am struck by the number of people asking me how I think things went - which is ironic because I don't see how it matters what I think - the only thing that matters is what attendees and exhibitors think and what  they got out of BEA,  It is like asking a waiter - how was my dinner?   

I am extremely grateful for all the congratulations I have gotten which truly belong to the entire BEA team.  What I do think is I am beyond thrilled at buzz, activity and what transpired at BEA 2011.  BEA remains vital and the outlook going forward is vibrant. This vibrancy is born out by the effort to improve the quality of BEA attendees and bring in new buyers while eliminating those who are peripheral to what is valuable for BEA exhibitors.  It was clear the major emphasis to improve the quality of BEA attendees was a huge success.   The future for BEA looks well beyond just next year with my conversations looking at where will be not just next year but all the way out to 2016 and more. 

We hope to have attendee numbers later tonight or earlier tomorrow - we have to have scanners uploaded and go through the deduping process. 

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