Friday, February 25, 2011

BEA and BlogWorld - Mutually Exclusive Together

The response to the co-location of the BlogWorld event along side of BEA has been interesting. Those familiar with both events have been the most enthusiastic, validating that it is good for both BEA and BlogWorld. The vast majority fall into the bucket that don't know what BlogWorld is, but on the surface see it makes sense as it mirrors the direction that publishing is moving toward as a means for engaging readers - leaving aside the huge, but parallel context the impact of digital technology that is also part of the opportunity by co-locating.

The few responses that have piqued my concern are the ones who think that BlogWorld will dilute BEA or is being seen as a means to push aside booksellers. I have to be blunt here - where does that come from? BEA and BlogWorld are separate events that will continue to serve each of their audiences and no one group will be pushed aside. For those that are focused on one or the other event, the story ends here. However, there are going to be niches at BlogWorld that will find great content and have interest in what is happening at BEA. The same for BEA exhibitors and attendees, especially those in PR and Marketing that will get a huge added benefit from the content that is available to them at BlogWorld.

Think of it like my Groupon experience today - my wife and I had been planning to try a specific restaurant - we were going to regardless. However, I got a Groupon offer for getting $50.00 worth of service for $25.00 - how is that a bad thing?
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Friday, February 18, 2011

If a little is good, is more better?

We are putting the theory that if a little is good, then a lot must be better to the test with all that will be happening at BEA this year.   BEA has long been the gathering place for publishing, sort of like being the Big Top - there is something for everyone.   That can be as much of a strength as it is a weakness. The strength being that there is something of subtance for every part of the industry that can benefit by participating in BEA.  The potential weakness is being jack of all trades, master of none for specific niches around BEA.  I will circle back to this....

....First the the big announcement yesterday of the co-location of the BlogWorld East event with BEA.   "By co-locating BlogWorld East with BookExpo America, we are creating the first real convergence of new media and traditional media. The capital of traditional media is playing host to the largest gathering of social media professionals and new media content creators in the world. Both communities have a truly unique opportunity to learn from the brightest minds each has to offer.” explained BlogWorld CEO Rick Calvert. “It’s exciting to think about the potential for new ideas and business opportunities that will result from BlogWorld and BookExpo America happening side by side.”  From my perspective, this is a perfect fit for BookExpo America. We have been building our blogger base and social media has emerged as a powerful force in book publishing and marketing in recent years. We expect this association will strongly benefit our respective attendees and exhibitors for many years to come.

Getting back to my original point, specifically that this can be a strength or a weakness.  BEA's vision is to bring in partners that can truly serve their core audiences complete needs while they can also benefit in all the peripheral opportunities that abound at BEA.  That is why we have the IDPF presenting their Digital Book 2011 program at BEA.  We are equally thrilled to welcome back the super organized Book Bloggers Convention.  The Audio Publishers Association will be holding their program at BEA.  How can I forget the ABA?  They are the foundation and fabric of BEA and deliver a tremendous program.  The Indpendent Book Publishers Association Publishing University is also a terrific program that provides a great service to their members and then has all of BEA available as their dessert.  Lest I forget the great programs delivered by the AAP and the BISG at BEA.  The AAR also delivers a super program.  BEA's focus on international through our Global Market Forum continues to grow in depth and prominence.  We are thrilled to honor Italian publishing for the focus of this year's Global Market Forum.  Not to be forgotten is the CIROBE Remainders Pavilion with the special hours we provide to serve the needs of this important group of buyers and exhibitors at BEA.

This was a  a rambling post, but wanting to share all that will be happening at BEA is a rambling task.  Having so many strong partners that serve the core interests of unique attendee and exhibitor groups that can ALSO create and find opporunities among the whole BEA audience is a great strength.  

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New York Book Week Mission Statement

There is a debate that continues to be raised like toasts at wedding (often and with good intention) about having a public component to BEA.  There is a lot of merit the idea.  However - through many efforts and more research I can conclusively tell you that would be like making toast while taking a bath.  The potential for deadly disaster is too great.  Although I am sure some where in America, there is a someone soaking in a tub while enjoying a fresh piece of rye toast with out being electocuted.  For the recocord and the foreseeable future, that won't be the case at BEA.  We initiated another course in 2010 to engage the public 'around' BEA that was launched as New York Book Week.  There will be more news and details in the coming months about our plans for 2011, but I think our mission statement delivers exact detail and clear intent for a public component tied to BEA. 

New York Book Week celebrates all literary and book activity in New York City by directly engaging reading consumers and focusing attention on authors, books and publishing during the week of Book Expo America (BEA) which takes place in New York City each year. New York Book Week provides a unique public facing opportunity to brand and market authors, titles and publishers at events in bookstores, libraries, schools and other public venues throughout the boroughs of New York City. New York City is recognized as the publishing capital of the world, as home to thousands of book and author events each year with New York Book Week uniquely celebrating these facts and building a relationship between reading consumers and the publishing trade

This year, New York Book Week will commence on Sunday, May 22 and conclude on Saturday, May 28.

Spreading some news

Just as I got used to shoveling a foot and a half of snow before I could start my day, Mother Nature came up with bigger challenge - coating everything with a half inch of ice.  As I wait for the expected thaw (which will allow me to open my front door) so I can literally start 'chipping away' my morning - I read a couple of interested articles that were linked from Book Brunch I posted here to share:

Mike Cane's blog on issues for publishers using the Agent model for e-books if Borders does go out of business   Mr. Cane raises an interesting point about the potential pitfall facing publishers in these evolving models.  Usually if you can cut out a part of the supply chain, you would expect a greater share of revenues, but reading through this I am left with the thought it seems like there is disproportionately less revenue despite the pie being cut into less pieces. article on Apple news regarding reader apps  This was also interesting as the new players jockey for position.