Friday, February 25, 2011

BEA and BlogWorld - Mutually Exclusive Together

The response to the co-location of the BlogWorld event along side of BEA has been interesting. Those familiar with both events have been the most enthusiastic, validating that it is good for both BEA and BlogWorld. The vast majority fall into the bucket that don't know what BlogWorld is, but on the surface see it makes sense as it mirrors the direction that publishing is moving toward as a means for engaging readers - leaving aside the huge, but parallel context the impact of digital technology that is also part of the opportunity by co-locating.

The few responses that have piqued my concern are the ones who think that BlogWorld will dilute BEA or is being seen as a means to push aside booksellers. I have to be blunt here - where does that come from? BEA and BlogWorld are separate events that will continue to serve each of their audiences and no one group will be pushed aside. For those that are focused on one or the other event, the story ends here. However, there are going to be niches at BlogWorld that will find great content and have interest in what is happening at BEA. The same for BEA exhibitors and attendees, especially those in PR and Marketing that will get a huge added benefit from the content that is available to them at BlogWorld.

Think of it like my Groupon experience today - my wife and I had been planning to try a specific restaurant - we were going to regardless. However, I got a Groupon offer for getting $50.00 worth of service for $25.00 - how is that a bad thing?
Steven Rosato
Event Director-BookExpo America
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