Thursday, March 3, 2011

What's next - Tumblr???

At the recent BEA Conference Advisory Board meeting - there was a lot of conversation on doing programming for various social media tools.  I look forward to BEA delivering some great programs for both new initiates as well as seasoned users that will impact the way you do business.  BEA will be also hosting a webinar on how to use Twitter on March 9th. Link for BEA Twitter Webinar 

I digress as usual - my point is a new medium came up a number of times that was being touted as the next BIG thing.   I had never heard of Tumblr (not sure if that indicts me or speaks to the myriad new technology) .  I left under the advice of Mark Twain (it is better to keep you mouth closed and let people think you are dumb instead of opening your mouth and confirming it) but reseached it as quickly as I could.  I have not done anything with Tumblr yet outside of opening an account.  I had someone from the BEA Marketing Team pull together some info and wanted to share it.  I have no opinion here and will spend time in the coming months to see if this is the next big thing or just the next thing in a long line of many.  So for your personal edification (please send comments if you use Tumblr and post why you like or hate it):

Tumblr, founded in 2007, is a microblogging platform that allows users to post text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio to their tumblelog, a short-form blog. Users can follow other users, or choose to make their tumblelog private. The service emphasizes ease of use.

How It Works

The site functions as a mesh of Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and traditional blogging. Users can post any content but usually keep it short –hence the phrase microblogging. Typically dynamic content works the best as it is more engaging.

There are many forms of content that can be added to the user's own tumblelog; the seven general categories for posts include: Text, Photo, Quote, Link, Chat, Audio and Video. Users "follow" other tumblelogs, much like on Twitter, and their updates appear in one stream on the Dashboard. This is the interface from which users can like and reblog posts, as well as add content to their own tumblelog. The "like" button lets one user tell another that they like his or her content, and the "reblog" button easily reposts content from one tumblelog onto another, providing positive feedback. Check it out at

Who’s Using It

Relative to the overall population of internet users,'s audience tends to be Caucasian; they are also disproportionately childless college graduates and women under the age of 35 who browse from school and work. The time spent in a typical visit to the site is roughly seven minutes, with 41 seconds spent on each pageview.

Very few users are company accounts, however, those that do exist tend to specialize in media.

Projected Growth

In the past three months the number of unique visitors has risen 33.9%, page views have gone up 44.52%, time on the site has increased 10% and the percentage of traffic from search engines is up 8%.

Recommendation for BEA

BEA currently accomplishes everything Tumblr offers using its various well established social media sites. While it is not a necessary addition the site is continuing to grow and may shortly be a community worth engaging. The major benefit of Tumblr is its aesthetic. It is easy to feature pictures and videos and convey short messages. Below are examples of three typical page layouts.


  1. i love my tumblr account. it put all my social networking in one location - even though i may want to update my other accounts directly. i also find that tumblr allows for me to have separate social circles OR combined interactions. so, rather than hosting an akward mixer with my work friends, college buddies, neighbors all in my house - i've managed to throw the party (my tumblr account) and my FB, Twitter, Blogger followers can interact if they choose (check-out my 1 stop stalk) or just stay in their own sphere.

  2. Will tumblr be the next facebook or twitter? We'll see where the users will go

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