Thursday, August 22, 2013

Summer Slips Into Fall

I will be leaving for the Beijing International Book Fair on Sunday, so my summer is dwindling down faster than most by a week.  I do get home with with just enough time to enjoy a Labor Day burger or two and then we get into the maw of the busy fall season when publishing wakes up from the the summer slumber with sprint that finishes with the Holiday Season.

I know everyone is busier than we remember summers being and down time is a figment of the 1980's.   Still I want to share some of the planning and things that have transpired over the summer that people can anticipate will be part of BEA in 2014:
  • Larger Buzz Committees and a clearer process so we can give more titles an opportunity to shine in the BEA Buzz limelight.
  • More opportunities for authors to participate at BEA.  Not those with manuscripts, but authors that are engaged in the publishing process, looking to interact with readers.
  • A bigger investment from BEA to bring in ABA members that have not been to BEA and other retailers that sell books.  Investment = travel stipends, cheaper hotel options, more value for coming to NYC - like exclusive author events, more sideline vendors with great products they would not find elsewhere and more....
  • A busy B2B Saturday - there are no easy answers here, but I know that people that are not interested in Power Readers need a BUSY AND FULL day of real meetings with potential or existing customers.  This is a top priority.
  • Speaking of Power Readers - there will be more, we will double the number from this year, more events for them and genre based programming like romance, children's,  comic and graphic novels.
  • The Global Market Forum program, as previously announced, will be tacking the ambitious area of books in translation.  WOW - who knew the potential here, we have a host of incredible partners that are going to create a program for both the industry person and the fans of world literature that will be world class.
  • BEA is working on  turn-key options for cost conscience exhibitors that need a total solution to participation in BEA, not just a cheap table & chair. For a flat fee they will be able to really be engaged in the show and connect with booksellers, librarians, retailers and readers
That is only a few of the top line things we are working on for BEA 2014.  If the Fall goes as fast as this Summer, I will be breaking out eggnog in no time.