Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spreading some news

Just as I got used to shoveling a foot and a half of snow before I could start my day, Mother Nature came up with bigger challenge - coating everything with a half inch of ice.  As I wait for the expected thaw (which will allow me to open my front door) so I can literally start 'chipping away' my morning - I read a couple of interested articles that were linked from Book Brunch I posted here to share:

Mike Cane's blog on issues for publishers using the Agent model for e-books if Borders does go out of business   Mr. Cane raises an interesting point about the potential pitfall facing publishers in these evolving models.  Usually if you can cut out a part of the supply chain, you would expect a greater share of revenues, but reading through this I am left with the thought it seems like there is disproportionately less revenue despite the pie being cut into less pieces. article on Apple news regarding reader apps  This was also interesting as the new players jockey for position.

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