Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First there was sliced bread and then there was the BEA Mobile App

I tested out the BEA Mobile App last week and it ROCKED and today it went LIVE!!!  Download away my friends. The BEA Moblile App has additional functionality for exhibitors (track shipments, orders and invoicing!!), total ease of use and COMPLETE info for navigating BEA that will make it a different, better show experience.   Below is a write up from my eSolutions team - but words will pale to the experience.  This is like when plumbing was moved indoors, when it was decided to serve water in a glass instead of your hands, comparing a washing machine to using a rock, well - I am getting thin on anologies here.  It's free, it has all the BEA info you will need and it is completely unituitive.

Features include:
  • Full Exhibitor List – including Show Specials
  • Autographing Schedules
  • Authors & Book Lists
  • Interactive Map of the exhibit floor
  • Conference & Special Event Listings
  • Basic Show Info and Tips
  • Show Updates & Alerts
  • Frommer’s Guide (to come by show time…this will not be in the first release of the app)

**One of the most important notes for this year is the mobile web access. Last year we were just an iPhone app. This year we have an iPhone app and a mobile website so anyone with a web-enabled mobile device including Android and Blackberry will be able to access this info. If someone did download our app last year, they will need to download the brand new app to access the current information and new features. We will not be updating the old one.

To access it, people will simply need to visit http://www.beamobile.com/  from their mobile phone/device. If they are on an iPhone, it will prompt them to go to the app store. If they are on any other mobile device, it will take them to our mobile website version. Right now that URL goes to our website where people can sign up to be alerted via text message when it is ready. 

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