Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BEA 2011 Day 2

The doors won't open for another 10 minutes or so and there are long lines at both entrances waiting to get into BEA this morning.  That is an odd way to start this post - but as a show organizer, our mission and how we are measured is by the audience we deliver.  We get a sense leading up to BEA on what to expect, good or bad - but you never know until everyone shows up.  So, seeing long lines anxious to get in is a very comforting sight.

It has been genuinely upbeat and the programming has been outstanding.  This morning's breakfast Diane Keaton, Jefferey Eugenides and Charlaine Harris; with Master of Ceremonies: Mindy Kaling was terrific.  You can get a peak at what you are missing on this link: BookExpo Cast including yesterday's breakfast and the Editor's Buzz Panel from Monday.  We will continue to get some select video up as quickly as we can. 

We will have a press conference tomorrow to announce some exciting news about the 2012 Global Market Forum featured country Russia.  That will be at 10:30 in the BEA press office (5/26).

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