Friday, May 27, 2011

BEA Numbers are in!!

It was a larger task than usual to report on BEA’s numbers because of the number of co-located events and to insure we were counting the right people only one time.   The final numbers may change slightly once the registration reports are scrubbed, but the numbers below are accurate to within less than a 1% variation. 

That total number of professionals that passed through BEA jumped significantly due to BlogWorld, but that would not provide an apples to apples comparison.  It should also be noted that BEA strategically vetted more attendee groups to improve the quality of those participating in BEA.  In particular there were 500 less attendee authors in 2011.  This should not be confused with authors that appear at BEA for signings or events which are counted in BEA’s professional number. 

This is the apples to apples comparison as calculated in 2010:   
  • The total attendance for BEA 2011 was 21,664 compared to 21,919 in 2010
  • BEA had 13,028 attendees in 2011 compared to 13,872 in 2010.  

The total number at BEA 2011 that included BlogWorld attendees was 23,067 compared to 21,919 in 2010.  A more detailed press release will be issued next.

Thank you to all those that sent so many nice e-mails offering congratulations and sharing how good BEA was from your perspective.  PLEASE check out the for a lot of the video that is posted to see anything you might have missed in person. 

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  1. Thank you for putting the BEA back to 3 days. Everything was wonderful, EXCEPT for the Author signing list. What moron put that together? It used to be so much easier to read, You didn't have to click on each Author and there were no book descriptions.