Tuesday, May 31, 2011

On to the next......

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - I do feel just a bit lighter this week.  It is back to a more normal pace this week after the hyper active pre-BEA mode for the last 2+ months.   I am eager to hear people's feedback - especially if there was anything negative.  Without knowing where BEA is challenged - we can only hazzard a guess on what needs to be improved.  If I was good at guessing - I would spend more time in Las Vegas.  

I am going to post a couple of the nice comments I have gotten so far (I have not gotten anything negative - if I do get a true complaint - I will share if it to see if was an isolated issue or something to be concerned about).  Also, posted below are links to a good interview with Michael Schatzkin by Publishing Perspectives and a link to the BookExpo Cast site with loads of great video from BEA.

Hi Steve,

It was another great year. I hope you received positive feedback from attendees.
Danielle Yeomans, Coordinator Ulster BOCES
SLSA President-Elect

Hi Steve: Thanks for putting together a good show. I thought things went well and I appreciate all the things you did to get people in the door and in the aisles. See you soon.

Mark Suchomel - President
Independent Publishers Group

Publishing Perspectives Video Interview with Mike Shatzkin at BEA


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