Friday, May 18, 2012

Did you know this?

My youngest son Luke always asks me: Did you know this?.  Being 8 years old, he does not recognize the subtlety of asking a question where a person needs information in order to be able to answer Did you know this?  I think he believes I can see what he is thinking   His typical question will be something like:  Dad, Dad, Dad (repeating a name insures instant attention) - Did you know this???  When I ask 'what' this is he talking about, he will then go into great detail about things that range from the fact that a basking shark is not a predator and weighs up to 15 tons or Bulbasaur is certain type of Pokemon with water power.   

With that as a theme - here are my BEA related Did you know this? Facts
  • It is May 17th and the Children's Book and Author Breakfast is officially sold out.
  • BEA will broadcast live nearly 20 hours of programming from the show.
  • Get the BEA Mobile App
  • The BEA Bloggers Conference will feature 30+ authors, with 30+ books given out and it has its own theme song - find the link on this page: BEA Book Blogger Page (scroll down)
  • There are 200 NEW exhibitors at BEA for 2012 New Exhibitor List
  • Check out BlogWorld's line-up: BlogWorld NYC  BlogWorld will host a daily keynote in the Special Events Hall open to all BEA exhibitors & attendees as is the BW show floor.  You can upgrade to the BW conference with any BEA badge for $495.00.  
  • There is amazing world class cultural programs being presented throughout New York City by our Russian partners: Global Market Forum: Cultural Program
  • There 200+ show specials, view them here BEA SHOW SPECIALS
There are only 8 bullets here but packed with enough information that it will take you a week to get through half of it.  

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