Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What does a logo say about BEA?

The BEA site is freshly dressed with BookExpo America's new branding and logo.  While the new BEA logo will look nice on a t-shirt, it won't do a thing for any exhibitor or attendee.  What is tangible is that the new look of BEA is indicative of the transformation that is being applied to BEA from top to bottom.  Some changes are old news with the fact that BEA is moved to mid-week (Tues. - Thurs) and the ABA will be doing their day of education at Javits and not offsite (plus ABA hotel will be in Manhattan, not Brooklyn, which may be a hipper, but not as easy for events during BEA). 

The new BEA logo is fresh, simple and defined in the tag-line: The Content and The Buzz, which is what BEA needs to be for all of our participants.  For our prized attendees - BEA will be easier to navigate both from the website and at BEA with more platforms to see, hear and interact with authors (a new author search tool will go live in March).  For exhibitors, BEA will deliver more quality attendees, create more platforms for authors, there will be more relevant bloggers engaged and the inclusion of the IDPF Digital Book 2010 will bring digital solutions, reading devices and technology to BEA.

The new look and logo articulates that BEA is looking forward proactively to meet the needs of the entire publishing industry.   Sharing a recent converstation evaluating BEA's prospects for 2010 - I am optimistic opposed to be hopeful.  I am optimistic knowing that the changes BEA has invested in will deliver what the industry needs from BEA and I am not having to hope for any thing that is out of our control.  

I look forward to sharing a number of smaller wins that I will be able to confirm in the next few weeks that will welcomed news to the activity happening at BEA 2010.     

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