Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Pilfered Post from Flavorwire Celebrating Jack Kerouac's 90th Birthday

Today would have been legendary beat writer Jack Kerouac’s 90th birthday, had he not passed away at the age of 47 due to cirrhosis. The de facto leader and most famous member of the Beat movement, Kerouac’s writings and ideas influenced an entire generation, and his poetry, novels, and letters continue to inspire people all over the world today. Though he had his own failings, the man’s writing is rich with bits of advice, Buddhism-tinged musings, and pithy observations about the nature of the world, and whether they all be wise or not, we’ve collected some of these to share with you on his birthday. After all, we could all do a lot worse than to emulate the idealistic, passionate Jack Kerouac.  Click here for the rest - it is wonderful: The best life advice from Jack Kerouac


  1. Happy 90th Birthday Jack Kerouac. What Would You Be Doing At 90 is you were still alive?On this day, his 90th birthday, we look at the great legend and prolific writer that is Jack Kerouac.

  2. Happy birth day to you Jack. May god live you long. Make century:p