Monday, June 11, 2012

Streaming numbers from BEA

The biggest change for BEA this year was the introduction of streaming for many of the author events live from BEA which are now available for viewing on demand.  The best place to watch is from the  BEA Livestream Channel or the BEA homepage.  

I can share that the total viewer minutes so far equates to more than 20,000 hours of total viewing which is = to 842 days or 2.3 years by more than 58,000 unique viewers.  It is worth noting that BEA enjoyed a very global audience that have tuned in.  Over the next 3 weeks, BEA will edit much of the footage we captured so it is more bite sized and we will also post audio from the majority of the great conference sessions.  The best place for everything that will be available for your viewing and listening pleasure once it is edited will be

Total Unique Viewers 6/1/2012 thru 6/11/2012:
Author Breakfast Channel:  10,014
Author Stage Channel: 48,340

Total Viewer minutes: 1,212,985
author breakfast channel: 511,688
author stage channel: 701,297

Top 10 Countries Viewing
Author Breakfast Channel:
1.     US
2.     UK
3.     Australia
4.     Canada
5.     Germany
6.     Italy
7.     Japan
8.     Sweden 
9.     France
10.   Philippines

Author Stage Channel:
1.     US
2.     UK
3.     Canada
4.     Australia
5.     Japan
6.     Germany
7.     India
8.     Spain
9.     Brazil
10.   Italy

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