Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Vicariously Enjoying BEA

BEA is ramping up our plans for streaming as MUCH as BEA 2013 as possible.  Last year was both modest, yet impressive.  It was modest in that about 1,000 unique individuals watched each of the breakfasts live as well 500 -1,000 people watched the events from the Author Stages live.  The amount of items people viewed 'on-demand' - meaning they watched the recorded event, opposed to seeing it live, THAT was incredible and impressive.  Within 30 days of BEA more than 125,000 unique people watched 250,000+ events from the the show.     In 2013 we are expecting to many more people to watch live and also see a similar jump with the on demand views.

Most people viewed from the BEA home page and watched on the player there - choosing the tab for what they wanted to watch, with the Breakfast Channel or the Author Stage Channel.  You can also go to LiveStream (I will post that link when it is live) to watch a bit more seamless there, take advantage of the Twitter or Facebook chat functions.  

So, if you cannot make it to NYC for BEA does not mean you will have to miss a lot of the action, you just won't be able to smell it.  That was supposed to be funny, but probably not so much. I will look forward to posting every which way you can connect with the events of BEA live or post show so you really won't have to miss anything.

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  1. Steve, I am looking forward to following your and others' posts from Book Expo America.