Friday, March 14, 2014

And the Hits Just Keep on Comin'

In the last couple of weeks we have announced the Buzz Panel line up and all the BEA Author Breakfasts.  Next week I will post full details on the 2014 Global Market Forum program: Books in Translation: Wanderlust for the Written Word.  It is both ambitious and awesome. I am genuinely excited to write that post.  Shortly after that, around March 31st we will have the official BookCon announcement and launch.  I anticipate that will generate a lot of buzz and attention from well outside of the world of trade publishing, but I am getting ahead of myself. I am only sharing the inspiration for post title as there is so much great stuff to announce week after week, the hits keep on coming!  That is also an homage to Michael Nesmith's post Monkey's solo career, being it is the title to one of his early '70's efforts.  If you you like alt-country, it is a treat!

BEA has two major initiatives for 2014 - one is the BookCon event.  The second is focusing on the quality of the B2B activity and in particular, insuring that Saturday will be a busy, compelling and productive professional day. Here are just a few of the details to make sure we deliver on our plans: 
  • BEA increased our investment in our VIP program by 20% to $114k.  These funds are used to subsidize travel and provide amenities to VIP attendees, which includes all ABA members ($25k supports the ABA HQ Hotel at the Grand Hyatt).  Travel subsidies require participating on Saturday at BEA
  • VIP registrations Link to Top Buyers already registered 2014 continue to pace well.  VIP attendance has grown in each of the last 3 years, anticipating more than 2,150 in 2014 = 7% increase
  • Expanding VIP Tours for Saturday – these were highly successful guided tours of the BEA show floor in ‘13, bringing key attendees to specific areas of interest. 
  • The ABA is organizing exclusive one on one publisher meetings on Saturday morning with their members.
  • Saturday networking events in the Digital Zone
  • Compelling Trade Programming and Author events planned for the whole day Saturday
There will be more event news to share as we get closer about what is happening on Saturday.  If you are making your BEA plans and miss Saturday, you will be cutting off a full day of busy, buzzy BEA activity!

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