Friday, November 14, 2014

BEA Submission Time - Make your voice heard!

BEA is now taking submissions for EVERYTHING (well, we are not taking anything that belongs on eBay).  The submission process is accepting panel ideas and speaker suggestions for all the BEA education programs as listed below.  I have included some of the notes from the BEA Conference Advisory Board (CAB) meeting earlier this week in case that is useful or provides additional context.  

I am widely encouraging people to think about the issues that would be compelling and given a spotlight in the BEA programming - here is the opportunity to tackle the challenges that publishing needs to address.   Please voice your insights, forward the issues that are critical and suggest people that you want to hear from that can start the wheels of change.

BEA 2015 Conferences
BEA Conference Program—May 27 – May 29, 2015
Global Market Forum: China—May 27, 2015
uPublishU at BEA Conference—May 30, 2015
BEA Bloggers Conference—May 27, 2015

Guidelines for all Submissions:
BEA has a dedicated link for submitting suggested panels and speakers for all four of the BEA 2015 conferences. The link will be open to accept submissions beginning on November 11, 2014 and close of submissions are as indicated below. 

Simply click on or copy the link below into browser. 
BEA Conference Program – January 16, 2015
Global Market Forum - China – January 16, 2015
uPublishU at BEA Conference - January 12, 2015
BEA Bloggers Conference – January 12, 2015

BEA Conference Advisory Board Meeting – November 11, 2014

Benefits of Being a BEA Conference Advisory Board (CAB) Member
• Steve Rosato – reviewed the importance and opportunity – focus on connectivity and networking for all attendees

Role and Responsibility of (CAB) Members
• Sally Dedecker – focus on identifying the critical issues confronting the industry – and finding ways to promote programming and participation

Insights from BEA 2014
• Steve Rosato – provided information on the BEA audience and the BookCon audience – unique to each and with important value propositions. In addition, he presented areas that are important for BEA 2015, including building network opportunities, delivering value for small and medium size publishers and increase the volume and visibility of the most valuable attendees.

• BEA 2015 Tactics
• Steve Rosato – presented the new BEA for 2015 – compact, compelling and all business – mid week with 3 days of education for serious business and 2.5 days of exhibits. Emphasize International, strengthen the tie between Author Marketplace and uPublishU at BEA – and curate more connectivity – networking and discovery

Review of Current Tracks
-          Agreement that Digital must remain in the Digital & Technology track –
-          Add a retailing track – separate from Bookselling Today & ABA Education
-          Suggestion – since sessions can interest multiple audiences – consider ways to identify in information to attendees
-          Diversity Track was suggested
-          Suggestion – identify audience for sessions – aids in selection of programming that will enhance experience at BEA
-          Need better way to identify sessions that are of high level interest to targeted attendees
• Next Steps
-          Survey to CAB members – PPT from today, list of CAB members with contact information and meeting notes
-          Outreach to CAB members on working groups for development of programming
-          CAB members to send ideas and suggest keynote speakers and keynote topics to BEA Education Director


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