Thursday, May 28, 2015


The Adult Breakfast with Kunal Nayyar, Lee Child, Diana Nyad and Brandon Stanton just concluded and passed me on their way to the ABA lounge for signing.  People queued up at 4 different entrances which is so different than years past - where EVERYONE lined up in one entrance.   Another packed day is expected with 35 programs scheduled on everything from Word of Mouth Gone Digital to How to Make Translations Work to Alternative DRM Strategies.  There are 27 programs on the Author Stage including Debut Fiction, In Search of Diverse Books and Meet the BEA Adult Buzz Authors.  There are 100s of authors signing today - both in Autograhing and in exhibitor booths.

It is a jammed day that we are expecting jammed aisles - plan your time well, drink lots of water and save a few steps anytime you can because you will need those steps to get to get your next panel, signing or booth you are visiting!  

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