Friday, March 5, 2010

BEA Author Events Get Big Play

I am pasting an e-mail I got from Roger Bilheimer (BEA's PR Director) this morning sharing the huge pick up on BEA's press release yesterday. I am asked every where I go what I expect for BEA this year. I have shared that I am optimistic opposed to being 'hopeful' as I was going into 2009's show. I have to admit as all the little wins to pile up - I am moving past optimistic to pure excitement and anticipation. The 'little wins' I am talking about - the additions that will be happening at BEA include the ABA education programming, the IDPF Digital Book 2010 Event, the Book Bloggers Convention, the LJ/SLJ Day of Dialogue and we are only getting warmed up - there is so much more to come!!!!
From Roger:
The Associated Press wrote this blurb (see below) which is getting picked up ALL over the place.  It's been reprinted in 126 sources and still counting!!  The blurb also includes their photos side by side.  The Stewart/Condi lead is the best one we have had in years.
NEW YORK — How about this for a comedy team: Jon Stewart and Condoleezza Rice? Stewart will host an author breakfast in May at BookExpo America, the publishing industry's annual national convention. Rice, the former secretary of state who has a memoir out this fall, will be among the speakers.The three-day convention will be held in New York from May 25-27. Other speakers will include John Grisham, Christopher Hitchens and Sarah Ferguson.
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