Tuesday, May 25, 2010

BEA opens with a bang!

The BEA conference opened along with the ABA Day of Education, IDPF Digitial Book 2010 program welcomed more than 700+ conferees and Library Journal & School Library Journal Day of Dialogue was packed with more than 500 librarians.  The CIROBE Remainders Pavilion is enjoyed brisk business with busy aisles all day.   Everything has been stellar across the board - starting with the opening plenary session on the Value of the Book.  Moderated by Jonathan Galassi the panelwill included: 
  • Bob Miller, Group Publisher, Workman
  • Esther Newberg, Executive Vice President, International Creative Management (ICM)
  • Skip Prichard, Chief Executive Officer, Ingram
  • David Shanks, Chief Executive Officer, Penguin Group (USA)
  • Oren Teicher, Chief Executive Officer, American Booksellers Association (ABA)
  • Scott Turow, Author, Incoming President, Authors Guild
It was a terrific conversation with 1,100 people watching throughout.   I look forward to the 7x20x21 panel in a bit, followed by the Editors Buzz and fittingly ending the day with Barbra Streisand's much anticipated appearance.  There are still seats available - but people have started to line up!!!

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  1. BEA is the next level for the Self Published author seeking to get the right kind of exposure and rub shoulders with the movers--makers--and shakers in the literary industry. At first one feels overwhelmed by the gargantuan displays of the publishing giants with their long lines of faithful followers--and literary groupies. But as I; Michael Eric Markland continue to negotiate the Jungle of Publishers be and find my book listed with the likes of INGRAM and Books In Print,I begin to believe that Why The HEll Cant I Find A Good Man; From A Mans Point Of View, belongs atop the shelves. I was exhausted from scouring the aisles but thorougly re-educated and mentally rejuvinated. BEA NY was a hit.