Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BookExpo America 2010: A Pivotal Moment in Show History

Publishing Perspectives gave me the opportuity to submit an editorial for today previewing my expectations for BEA 2010.  I consistently enjoy their coverage and thank them for the platform. The link below will take you to that article.

As people are readying themselves for 3 jammed days of BEA events - let me offer 3 tips that will make your time at BEA more comfortable and productive:
  • Baby Powder/Talc - this is the most important thing I pack when I travel - particularly for my feet.  12-14 hours on your feet and walking miles of aisles, follow this and you will thank me at the end of every trade show you ever work again. 
  • Make appointments.   Make appointments.  Make appointments.  Whether you are exhibiting or attending, trade shows provide the greatest concentration of people in an industry that are important to your business - make sure you see the 10 most important people to your interests, otherwise you are leaving your success to chance encounters. 
  • Notes/Follow Up:  After any meeting, take a few short notes on what was promised by you or who you met with.  You will end up talking with hundreds of people over 3 days, don't let a great opportunity end up lost in a sea meetings. 

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  1. Helpful suggestions - thanks. Looking forward to my first Book Expo.