Friday, August 27, 2010

Book Fairs abounding

I am pecking out this blog post waiting to board my flight to the Beijing International Book Fair - which I will follow with a direct flight to Moscow for the Moscow Book Fair. I have never been to either city nor their respective fairs. I have not had the time to get excited with this summer being so busy. Aside from missing home (with the best weather all year), my boys starting school and my wife - I am eager to see both fairs and cities.

There will be a lot of BEA news coming in the early fall as we redesign BEA's web navigation, BEA will be hosting a series of webinars with the BISG, the author submission process will move on-line, we will be reformatting the BEA show directory for 2011 and re-doing the event program. One of our primary goals for 2011 will be to make information for exhibitors and attendees easy to 'pull' and stop 'pushing' as I know BEA is guilty of over communicating due to the volume of content and info there is related to share about BEA every year.

I hope your summer ends well as mine will be spent flying around the world, missing home but excited for what there is to be learned from both events I will be attending.
Steven Rosato
Event Director-BookExpo America
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