Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dispatch from Beijing International Book Fair

I attended the Beijing International Publishing Forum today. One theme rang through several of the presentations - globilization. That was the clear tone from Yan Junqi, Vice Chairwoman, Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and Chairwoman (that is only half her title) and Liu Bijie, Minister of GAPP. Both shared high points in the progress of Chinese publishing along with global realities that make it clear that there is huge opportunity for willing partners.

They detailed how China is ready to embrace international publishers and support them with changes in Chinese policy that would facilitate access to the Chinese market.

Mr. Bijie went through an 8 point plan on how the future of China's publishing industry will support international access: 1. Enhance Policy Support for int'l publishing cooperation. 2. Promote China's int'l publishing cooperation. 3. Build platforms for int'l cooperation. 4. Let enterprises play their role and support copyright cooperation. 5. Assist and support project cooperation. 6. Boost capital cooperation. 7. Open distribution channels and 8. Build a talent training program.

That was the tone of what is being served leading up to the fair opening tomorrow. Smarter people than me will take what is being offered and assess what that means for publishers around the globe.
Steven Rosato
Event Director-BookExpo America
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  1. I attended the Beijing International Book Fair in 1986. Pulishers Weekly asked me to write an article on "Selling Books in China" [PW, August 8, 1986, pp. 23-26] I sure hope that the new reforms will help publishers in the West further penetrate that market. James Chan, Ph.D., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.